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The first couple of episodes is kind of his new budding relationship with Sean and developing you know not a mentor but just two buddies and it's kind of like homo not to loneliest guys on the show. It's it's almost like the two the two people that are very quiet with their internal feelings. And it's it's he started seeing sprinkles of it in in the episodes where they start sharing are the Alex Park wants to share. The only person he feels safe in really sharing with is is Sean. I think when you talk about this show there is clearly a love for being here and you you know based on that one time watching the show. That was too difficult. How I don't know the the white we're but how maybe on spying for people who are tuning in people tune into the show and when it's over they don't necessarily forget it some of the episodes last asked and some of the themes or the illnesses that you guys tackle people know someone were you know? There's a there's a connects next people. That's the word connection. Yes and that's to me is is anybody who watches this show is someone you know. Eventually we will all be part of this system in some way or another whether it's kids whether it's her mom or dad or US individually and I think that the cool thing about this show is you know Freddie Moore's Moore's character along with the other residents and doctors you know it's always about what if or how do we or it's not this. Could it be that you and I found having been in that system in the real world that is not always the case and and I love that. This show teaches people to go. Oh no question it questioning question. Your best advocate. Where your your son or daughter's best advocate another doctor continuing to make rounds as Morgan resnick? She's played by Fiona Guberman. I'm conflicted sometimes about Dr Morgan. Because for instance in the first episode of the new season she is so happy be when someone has cancer. And you don't know how to react to that moment. Well the clarify. She's not so without that they've cancer cancer but she's so happy that it's opportunity for her to get to do her for Solo surgery and it is a very curable cancer. So it's not you know and here's another thing. You promised me a disaster about a first date you let this character loves the. She's kind of like the tornado in the the room. Sometimes isn't she well things up but she also is gifted is that gifted with I say this in with all the love and the world as my mother got older in life there was a filter that disappeared and she just said whatever it was she was thinking. Morgan has that filter at her young. I mean it's amazing. I would like that filter. No filter Morgan. It is unapologetic in many areas. Including just speaking what she what she thinks she's she's very opinionated. And the thing about Morgan is. She likes offer opinion in her advice. And she's not doing it to be mean but she's just not wasting any energy on being Mace Ace. So it's sometimes it's the harsh truth and people don't always enjoy enjoy the delivery the Russian producers of the show of decided that the residents. We're going to get more opportunity this season. So that's going to be great for your character. Yeah it's been amazing. Morgan is much bigger part of this season. And it's really cool like there's so many different sides Morgan. That people are going to get to see She's very competitive stuff. That happens and and you see more for vulnerability more of the things and she's going through in her own life and then also the different ways in which she helps other people patients and her co workers. It's a really cool journey to be on and I'm loving it win we've seen have Morgan can be when it's all stripped down. And when she needs someone in her life is they're going to be someone this season that you think Morgan will be spending more time with or being more open up with. You definitely see some of that. I would say a lot of Morgan's organs journey. This season is how she grows through helping other people and how how she gets affected by Being there for her co workers in her patients and during times. It's it's really cool. The thing about the good doctor is that it's always asking questions. It's always bringing gop controversial or as you know issues or things that people are GonNa talk about and they really try hard to present both sides fairly and and equally on the show and not necessarily tell you which is right or wrong but just to really start a discussion about topics and it school to the apart about and sometimes you agree with your character stance and sometimes you definitely do not but you know that's the beauty of the show and its storytelling is it gets people thinking and talking talking and one last. TV Doctor. I spoke with in Vancouver Hill Harper. WHOSE ALTER EGO DR Marcus Andrews? I think when we see the first episode of the new season what we see is a man who is listening. And I think that's really important because your character's been so used to doling thing it out taking it in is pretty powerful stuff. Yeah it is and woods. And that's what's exciting about playing the character because getting into a rhythm of of playing a character where everything is is him telling people what they're doing wrong and trying to put up walls and barriers to be kind of impenetrable. But you know someone who's in a leadership role that's able to maybe take some self analysis. Wouldn't that be great in this world. We live in today that our leaders would be able to look in the mirror and actually do some salve analyzing. That's what happens with this character and I think that's an interesting thing to play. I've I've asked people you get a sense. It's of what the new season will be for us because I watched one episode and I'm laughing. I'm intrigued and I think three times. I'm trying not to have tears tears in my eyes in a room full of women. Well he to me. What makes the show brilliant? And what makes the writing. The best on television is the fact act that it can simultaneously be touching be funny but also be really smart and it. It's really interesting because usually folks folks default into one category. Oh it's very just melodrama or we're just going to be funny or we're just going to try to hammer you over the head with with message. Our show is able to ride a beautiful wave. And that's all due to to David shore and the writing staff and and that's why it's wonderful to be able to play it because because every time you pick up an episode and every time you you don't know exactly what you're going to do not just one-dimensional we're GONNA see. More of the personal life of Dr Melendez does and and Christina Chang. We're going to see more of the personal life of the good doctor. Are we going to see more of your personal life. If you know what I I always wonder how come last season. My wife never walked down the stairs of our big beautiful house. We saw we did so. Hopefully we'll see more this season email. I am the character on the show. That is happily married. I wear I don't have on right now because I just came out of surgery so I don't wear my wedding ring in surgery patient. Lose the patient lift. Things are going well so But usually I have a wedding ring on and and hopefully we'll see The other half of this ring a lot to see them. I really enjoyed my time with the cast. Cast the good doctor. I always do and it was great to be in Vancouver on the set seeing what it really looks like behind the scenes. And I'll tell you it's very impressive off and you can keep up with all that's happening on the good doctor. Monday nights on A._B._C.. For off the Red Carpet George Pinocchio. Thanks for being here by..

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