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I grew up saying oh i hate september everything bad happens. It's september like it was just kind of a bad month for me in general because of how it just made everything so does mu. I always think in the week leading up to nine eleven. Never feeling like my normal self. Just anticipating that day is stressful in of itself. I know this year is twenty years so it's to some maybe a milestone or a significant year for me. It's no different than any other year whether they wanted to or not. They've become known as nine eleven kids. Those who went through the devastating private loss of apparent attacks that everybody else feels they experienced to act. This craving little girl. Who's so heartbroken. But i'm almost twenty years old. It does hurt me every day when i think about. Oh yeah he won't be there at my wedding or he won't be there for those big things. But i know he loves me and it's not something that dawns on me every single day. I'm grown up now Stories about becoming famous for the worst reason in some cases before you even born and carrying the weight of grief even after the media has moved on from the guardian. I'm michael safi today. In focus the children of nine eleven twenty s on.

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