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Who provide cannon WBT traffic a man said to be writing it all terrain vehicle recklessly on another person's property was shot dead in Burke county early today just before two AM Connelly springs Burke county officials say twenty eight year old Andrew Smith fired multiple shots and killed a man that was driving a four Wheeler officials say the yet to be identified man was shot and killed after he had already ran over to people all writing that four Wheeler on someone else's property Smith has told multiple media outlets that it was self defense and that he was protecting his family Brent Johnson to be teenagers lace apparently don't see it the same as Smith who is now charged in the murder of forty seven year old Lawrence McGee police in Wilson North Carolina say a six year old is among four suspects identified the theft of ten handguns from a local store police have also identified a sixteen year old to fourteen year olds and the fact of those guns which have been recovered multiple charges filed against the eldest suspect who's being held under one hundred thousand dollar bond today while discussions are underway on how to handle that six year old suspect there's a final push from Congress and the White House to settle a budget agreement before the August recess congressional Democrats in the trump administration are nearing completion of a two year budget deal that would end automatic spending caps known as sequestration and suspend the U. S. debt limit until the summer of twenty twenty one the deal would partially be upset with about seventy five billion dollars and would raise spending caps for both defense and non defense agencies house speaker Nancy Pelosi wants legislation advanced this week before the chamber insurance for the annual August recess on Capitol Hill jerit Halpern fox news Loretto Tennessee police department they created a social media star last week when he warned that flushing drugs down toilets would create math Gators says it was just a joke that got out of hand that getting calls from reporters around the world and from some professionals fearing they actually had math Gators in custody the chief has posted a new message saying in part alas the math Gator is not real at this time just wanted to warn people about flushing drugs W. B. T. news time for too you heard me talk about my friends Americal layer and you know how much they've helped me and maybe they can help you a new water while you want to go see on this genius three point oh technology is the real deal but they've also got because of all the locations that they have like twenty three hundred nationwide twenty two in this area of the mere color foundation which provides hearing help children all the way to adults I'm and then the whole organization is dedicated to improving the hearing health of all ages in the Charlotte area around the country who otherwise couldn't afford them kids aren't cheap foundation was started in nineteen ninety and since then the miracle or foundation has donated nearly thirteen thousand hearing aids and they do that because they've got those twenty three hundred locations and so they get generous donations from their local hearing aid hearing care professionals pull all that together and that gives them the ability to give the gift of sound to us some that are in need and that.

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