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The coaching change. You could you could see coming and fuelled coming. Ron Hextall fired is GM. He was shocked. He didn't see it. None of us really saw it and. You know, his allegiance to Dave axel, probably played some part in that and the flyers management upper management wanted him to be more proactive in the trade market in free agency, the some of the things that worked against them. But I thought, you know, Ron Hextall did a great job of a clearing cap space be his drafts were exceptional and his farm system was really good. They went from being one of the worst form systems in the NHL to one of the best. Did you make any major trades? You know, he made one major trade traded. Brayden Schenn you've got a couple number one draft picks who are playing really well, by the way. But he really didn't have the flexibility because he didn't have the cap space this year, he had the cap space. So to answer your question. I was really surprised they let Hextall go. Now fires as you said are playing better aflaid they come into tonight's game. Having won three of four, but they still remain nine points out the last wildcard in the east their last win came at the expense of the New York Rangers that was a three two shootout win Michael was outstanding in nets as he got his first win of the season in just as third game. And speaking of goaltending is you hurt Samalut to there and that last sound bite the flyers caught up there number one prospect a couple of weeks ago and Carter heart. He started three games and one two of them. He's got a two point three six goals against in a nine four. Save percentage. However, north will get the start tonight for the flyers. And I ask our Chidi was he surprise surprise at the team slow start this season. Yeah. Well, the goaltending is a major factor, of course, as you mentioned, but the special teams have been horrendous and the penalty kill has been really bad for the last four years. So that's not a big surprise. The starter though is the power play. You know, they've been in the bottom three or four in the league for the last six weeks or so when you guys on that power play proven guys like Wade Simmons and Claude you ruined couture a van reinstate and on and on gossip spare it just head-scratching? They went through one stretch they were one for thirty one on the power play over thirteen game stretch. Never last two games. They've scored a powerplay goal in each game. That may not seem like a big deal to lightning hands for the flyers only the second time will year they've had these one power play goal in two consecutive games. So that's been a head scratcher. That was.

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