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I know that because there were the teams that would be deployed boy to follow American diplomats or high level visitors from the West Army of them but the guy who was charged with these groups. I worked with him individually. It was a master of disguise disgusted in the book. The disguise is not what people think. What is a disguise? Typically that if it's not a wig in a fake moustache he was a mess muscled. misdirection the mess of like. Oh you look over here. I do something over there for me. To put on. A WIG wasn't absolute. No that's not since the surveillance teams sometimes used at least accessories. They might change even jackets or put on a scarf for you know put on a different hat. But generally this is one of the running feuds with the producers of the Americans because every time I see one of the agents with on I just shiver and his now agreement. TV Yeah they do look ridiculous wearing the whigs and you're thinking of course you look like the same person you just have another bad eighties air. Do what are you doing. Did you ever visit the Stodgy Museum. There's a picture of agents with wigs and funny hats on so ridiculous. Stop laughing when I saw that I must have been. It's been so long when when in the nineties so it's hard to remember everything that I did but when I go back I would definitely have to see that as well and I. I know that it's in the old. STODGY headquarters as well that I. I don't remember it's somewhere. Near in the center of combat. It does matter as I said wage are unknown in the enter counter-espionage measures took a lot of time. As far the training is concerned. I think that was the most thorough part of my training other than language. Do you have any tips for learning faces. You mentioned your facial. Recognition skills had to be on point. I think it's benefit talent. I've been told to even early on when I was a teenager. When we would be with a friend or with my family the restaurant and people would tell me stop staring? I was always daring people. I was always observing. There was no nothing. I practiced. There were no tools that allow me to better with uh-huh Partially a talent and partially focus. Yeah maybe you're looking at people's faces instead of being self absorbed or looking at their faces instead of looking at their clothing. The things like that while the one thing that may help when I look at people I usually speculate. Who are what they come from weather here? And and so now your brain operates already at a different level and I think it may make the visual stick better. So what are those three factors again. Who are they willing to control? I'm fro- Here and what are they gonNA do next. It's sort of like especially when you stationary this folks next to a table at a restaurant. I'd been very very curious all my life. And that's part of what makes you good at least that kind of activity. You're listening to the Jordan Harbinger urban show with our guest. Jack Barsky. We'll be right back after this. This episode is sponsored in part by zero. We've been using zero here in the company for years. Now it's cloud based accounting accounting software. We actually went after them to sponsor the show because Gen loves it she's been raving about it for years. It's fast. It's intuitive it's easy to use even for people. Well that hate the idea that you have to accounting your business at all and I know that sounds weird but you know who you are business owners where you're just like bookkeeping keeping control of my inventory. Enjoy a lot of our entrepreneur. Friends use it. It's what the cool kids are using these days for accounting for the business and you can give access to an unlimited amount of users if you need to so you're not swapping ping log in with your assistant and with your CPA and your account all of this stuff by the way. If you need an accountant zero can connect you to experts as well and it's month to month there's no contract contract you don't have to dive in and sign up for two three years the installs not this big to do..

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