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We're going to get the Brooks Eh but which is watching him pot. I got anxiety and he was just blow it passed. It is like watching Lurch Putt. It's just you just know man but this past week. That's not a shot putter. It's the same type of feeling you're just over it. It's like Roy's over. It and you're like you just know there's no chances goes but he and he knows too because after he blows it by like he has the look where he's like. I just knew I was GonNa say if I could just bury a few putz I would win this this going home. It's one of my great lurks quotes of all time when he hit a horrible pot one time from like ten feet and he goes. I just had no plan there sometimes over the ball Mike I just I'll just give it a shop Bertel. Yeah miracle is thing when they kept flashing up that graph and being like there's only two people in the field who are over part today and I forget who the first one was and the other one was worry mcelroy and it's like if you would just play okay. If you just played okay on Sunday. He would two one but he just he could not again no rigsby stats. I looked at this. Only three people in the top twenty seven shot over par Sunday that finishing the top twenty seven Roy was one of them in the final group of Books Kapka so it is it is a classic it looks like after he hits a Putt it just gives the body language of Man I had no plan. They're like on the third whole like like four feet Roberta after convey one and he just like duck hooked the putt below the whole that I just wouldn't never even close to touching. I really think that's that's when it was over the whole when he missed almost shot point too it's like he's starting to fade already this faster leaner around and then Lo and behold yeah he's out of it. He broke my six on Sunday yeah. He just had no chance out there. You got <hes> he got the mileage by Brooks Kempter <hes> also I mean that's just Kinda. Sums the whole thing up roy showed up about two hours before teatime <hes> and got demolished and brooks captors showed up forty five minutes before st time and just went out there like it was a walk of the park in stomped on macro so that's that's through it. That is what proves my point. I've never once you can go back and you can quote me. You can listen. I've never once rooted against the player Brooks kept. I like him as a person. I think he's a great golfer. I'm rooting for him to be a good Golfer. I want to witness a guy who's GonNa go on an amazing major run streak during the primetime of my sports watching career I missed it with tiger. I would love to watch Brooks Capco like fuck if he's at like dirty majors at one point like that'd be awesome to say we were there at the P._G._A.. Championship given him fist-bump walking up eighteen on Saturday and she like that'd be awesome but the thing that I hate is the narrative around and I couldn't watch the fucking tournament without hearing about when he's going to show up to the fucking Golf Course Oh my God Brooks Kepco. This is what he does. He's not even in here. They're showing his fucking parking. He's thirty five minutes. He's not here. Why does he get show up and he left himself? A chance. I know he ended up saying that he was sick but prior to that he left himself the chance where if he shows up forty five minutes to force teatime and he he doesn't do well well. That's just brooks not giving a fuck. He showed up forty five minutes. See That is hating on the Brooks Guy. You're heading on the narrative that you're saying. He left himself a chance but I'm saying saying he did it deliberately to like have a bailout but this is what they were saying on the this is what they're saying on the broadcast. Yes like like he does what you're saying about Bruce you're saying he left himself out versus like that's just as routine said all time it goes yeah Sundays I usually I always get their forty five minutes before like I've been playing golf all week. I want you to get their log as so then like that thing that he does sets himself for either he did he showed up and he didn't care and he lost and he was the one that went over par with war because he just didn't show up and that's just as routine during non majors because he just doesn't show up early. That's just as routine and then if he wins. He's the fucking hero that showed up forty five minutes early because that's just his is routine and everyone fucking goes nuts because because he doesn't need to practice but rory does it's just it's a whole entire talk about how much he cares how much she doesn't why can't he just be regular. Like why can't he just be the person that just does what he does and he gets a result. Why do we have to talk about? We'll talk about anyone else's preparation yet but it's a golf course you are right in that the Gulf world just running with the storyline of his parking space and all of that I put it in my title. My blog was the tribes clicks I put it arrives it drives and we know guys that have been to golf term. It's like once the play actually starts the term extra starts like you're Kinda scraping for content Oh yeah and you're at the W._G._C.. FUCKING FEDEX IN MEMPHIS like they're scraping and they credit to whoever ever went on like I'm going to do the parking space thing because it works. I mean everybody off. Twitter was all over it but you are right that it's stupid at the fact that dominated the coverage the fact that he gets asked in every single press conference about okay how come like what is what is with this whole storyline of how you can dominate the major championships but you don't show up at regulatory events that is all way way way overblown but at the end of the day I mean the guy I i. I don't know what you can really say like He. Does this actually now. This is what I said when he when we were talking about it last time I wanna see him when he wins a torch. <hes> I said I want I wanna see what happens to the world when he wins tour event and now the next time of Major. What are we going to be done talking about how much he cares and how much he doesn't now is that over because he just one the W._d._c. so like he just show that no matter what he cares about a when he gets to the golf course no matter what effort he puts in he can win fucking big golf tournament? At what point do we stop talking about when he cares when he doesn't can we just talk about Brooks winning. I don't think it's going anywhere you don't think so he just showed up forty five minutes or four daytime and go somewhere. You know they GONNA ask too. I think it's I think it's out like that was cool funding to talk about and I honestly outlets like officer whatever the fuck called like we blew it up big time because it was a very funny narrative of it was not similar but it was like with kids t twenty something like that like that was cool totally random and not intentional storyline that we ran a and we thought it was really funny interesting the same thing about Brooke Chef. I think it was really it's not intentional. I don't think that he like it would seem crazy to me that he would actually fly to go through all the renting a house and going through everything in a tournament in just not Karen any way about it but also for me nuts there had to be right like when you look at this anomaly which is who the fuck wins four majors to p._G._A.. Tour events over the last three years like there's gotta be something that you could attribute that to or try to talk talk about and that was kind of the theory was that he didn't care and whether again I kinda got into deeper care means which is like does he need to practice at home for a week before to be good at a tournament. Did he do that for this one and he doesn't do it for regular stops and he does it for majors like who the fuck really knows but it was just a really interesting anomaly that was happening. He started to like eat. He started to eat it up to men like he like his comments. Were like I play when you see me on. He didn't need to sail that but I think that Brooks is trying to like he didn't talk for the first year year and a half when he was winning the majors more like why the fuck is Brooks Capco so boring and he he's like found his lane like this is his lane. He's the common man he's the guy that calls big cat and big at becomes a fake fan and thinks he knows everything about Golf Because Brooks Kepco PCA texts him sometimes from here to there and then like that's like this is brooks kept goes like whole store. He's a blake now and he's awesome but like yet but brooks kept going has probably been doing this whole entire fucking careers just now. He's Kinda like eating it up talking. He said that to us like I didn't think I think that I could start talking until like I had some wins under my belt and stuff so this is just who Brooks Cup is. I don't think that he tries one way tries the other. I think he saw storyline like we did. Everyone blows it up. He kind of he kind of eight at it. He's getting the questions yes answer them. The only questions he's getting same thing he used to complain <hes> the only question you would get is do you eat horsemeat and he's like yeah like I'm just going to say yes every single time because that's what I do I wake up and I like what else what else who wants to say so if they keep saying do you care and he's just going to be like a and <hes> you know. I like the majors but like I don't know when the T._v.. Zombie then I'll care like little stuff like that. Just fucking drove me nuts but now that he win what you like the cockiness it's great. It's crazy cockiness but it's I just didn't think it was genuine because I was just waiting for a moment like this at the W._c.. You see where he does the same thing and just wins like he did the thing that everyone's saying oh he loses because he shows a forty five minutes. You said that at the travelers you're like. Didn't you say that he wouldn't they said he showed up like fifteen or ten minutes. I felt like like who knows that he could have fucking one that we can't. He just is played better like he did the same thing here. Essentially he just played fucking lights out. I didn't like the excuse like that. Excuse the travelers is like Brooks didn't show up until fifteen minutes but was using that excuse no no. It's just like surround but there's nothing does money buys into doing to stop it definitely yeah he never once that guys I fucking WanNa win this week every once yeah he did. He kinda made little he's always made the little side comments and this and that and kind of plays into it feeds it because I think he doesn't else enjoy it. I think you've you've found the way that he kind of even I was always amazed even when he when he won the U._S.. Open for the second time and they were you know they interview about a motivation and this and that and he had a lot of examples of people that like wouldn't talk about him or wouldn't give pick him or wouldn't you know he wouldn't get the media love after that he thought he deserves so he is clearly more plugged in than he likes to lead on which means all this narrative stuff all this brooks only tries and majors and like what's the deal with him outside of majors he was obviously aware of those things and he's a sharp enough guy I think that we found out with an and and how much he's learned to kind of express his voice in his opinion and jump into the conversation when he wants to that he knows how to do that and be effective at it and he's done that he definitely he could have easily extinguished that whole thing easily been like I want to win every turn my show. That's what tiger always says tigers always said I would never I won't show up play an event if I don't think I could win it and that's the cockiness I like. That is the cockiness I I liked that Brooke Brooks Calculus cocky but he doesn't quite have it like he doesn't have that like ominous. Show up and dominate you. The cockiness that people love right now about brooks is like <hes> once every couple of weeks thing I can turn on when I wanted a couple of weeks. You Better Watch out because I'M GONNA fucking dusty guys like dude like I don't know like you're losing like like three out of the four weeks then like I mean whatever why are you being so cocky about it but it is because it's major so the anomaly breaks my brain because I don't know how fucking one four out of four pages already but I duNno. It's just rubbed me the wrong way..

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