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This is our. American stories where we tell stories about. Everything and periodically we tell stories, about sports but as you've come to know they're not just sports stories any more than those great stories on ESPN. Those thirty for thirty stories or sports stories we're, going to spend an, hour talking about coach Dean. Smith The university of North Carolina he, passed in two thousand fifteen but we are here to remind people of the. Virtues of this man and stories about this man if. You are in a, coach you'll still wanna listen if you, run a business if you're on a family if you. Have any influence at all in your life with other people you're going to want to learn from. The very best about how to lead and that's with Dean Smith was he was a leader he was a teacher. And of course you as a coach basketball bloodlines ran is deep is the Carolina blue sky, his coach at the university of Kansas fog. Allen learned the game from the man who invented, it and after whom Basketball Hall of fame is named. James Naismith winning was also in dean Smith's bloodline under coach. Allen he was a backup guard on. The Kansas team that won the, nineteen fifty two NCAA title and he was runner up the following year he scored only one point in those championship. Games but it was from the bench sitting near his coach Sports giant was Perth he. Would go onto mentor to the next generations great, coaches fellow hall of famers Larry Brown and ROY Williams Great coaching apples it turns out don't fall far..

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