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Option in this game that you really want to win the salvage a game in the series is to bat rays leadoff i just think it's sends a bad sign and as i mentioned in the first hour of the show mike and i like your opinion i think players know our opinions are what they are their opinions of fans and writers and columnists and talk show host and we all have them and it's great and it's fine but when you don't replace the catcher when you've got this injury when you don't have a sense of urgency when you're content to send jose ramos out there it's not just a problem for me as a talk show host or maybe you as a calmness or some fans calling in i gotta believe within the team they're thinking to themselves jeez they're not taking this very seriously i mean what are we doing and i gotta believe that conversation is going on among teammates conversation certainly a feeling we'll take because you know they they know better than anybody what's we know who who's who get it done who can't get it done who they who they have confidence in among among their own teammates and it's i think i think right now i don't think it depends move at all to think that it's time for for for for for mickey callaway to expedite the process where you're getting jay bruce moore at first base because i the mets lineup is better when you're able to have brandon nemo in the game and he's got he's got choice and look at an extra as much as before they was struggling i think he's a guy who got out there every day you know i was gonna hit his way out of the out of the slump and is by by taking swings and he's gonna hit her to be to be to be hovering around and then those line where he is right now so i think i think the lineup and has conforto and then when it every day has jay bruce every day the first baseman i mean that's more than especially i on one level chris i understand why they haven't panicked catcher you don't want to give away the farm for shortterm need i get.

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