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And you've got a two hundred eight quality contact was extraordinarily. I'm extremely disappointed. When this, you know, we, we don't really talk about Castanos the way with divide and carpenter. But it's kinda the same not eating for power is not knocking anybody 'cause nobody on base for them, not a Walker. Not gonna forever and defensively my God. Did you see that play this weekend? Like there's just nothing there. So like Laurino had a good week. I probably missed the good week and we'll get it. Anyway, lots of names get to before we move on. So I'll go briefly here. Bauer shut out the Troy is more about Bauer or the Tigers. I'm going to say that's more about Bauer but I could see the case because if you said to me who which right handed pitcher, could do it reused on for the last two and a half months. Now can do that baron had that Chris Medlen second half. Yeah. He could. Yeah. Dominant righty, who strikes, everybody out and relax tonight looks amazing. I hate saying he's going to get hurt. I think you'll fall sort of thirty starts because the dodgers, don't need him to make thirty. They have a ten game lead. But man looks site. That's the Cy Young winner. He's gonna end up like seventeen and four with a one eight year or a and win the Cy Young. That's what I think's going to happen over, like twenty eight starts to your point about the dodgers. They are considering throwing a guy in there this week. So it does signal. They're always thinking about giving extra rest of their pitchers going back to the Indians because I wrote this forecaster. I wonder whether the return of Mike cleven jer coupled with what's in outrageously? Good hitting schedule could begin to build some team wide momentum there. And if that is the case that could also be what sparks Bowers hot streak. I, I have nothing to quantify that, but what if they're like a game out of the wildcard, they're not giving up. That'd be. I'm not. Yeah. And I'm not suggesting that they would give up. It's just that this is a perfect opportunity for them to begin role in that big snowball down the hill. All right. Injuries Noah Syndergaard with a right hamstring strain. It doesn't sound too serious. They have no reasonable replacement. So I think it's only probably one week and then by next weekend, he's probably back again. You do not drop. Syndergaard in. Any league. I don't think Kyle Hendricks right shoulder inflammation. That's a little bit different. Not a leg. He goes on the injured list, they're saying with him also probably only one start if you've been relying Hendrix, you should continue to, but advert as little Alzola, young right-hander, skinny Ryan or could make his debut Corby Tyler shower for Kyle sake. But like I would like to see what he can do any thoughts on these guys LA was pretty disappointing last year. And also dealt with some injuries, but it's been a lot sharper AAA. So I think he's an interesting arm and considering out tough. It is to fill the pitching spots this year certainly worth a flyer not in our standard game. But in anything, deeper really hundred pants and no members have MRI appointments for today for leg injuries Pence's groin. Czars a hamstring. I think I'd rather roster Pence. The Missouri, wouldn't you? I know it's crazy because of his age. But as ours, having another one of those boring twenty home run seasons where the two six. Batting averages. Nobody's expect anything's going to change. Well Pez already fifteen home runs and his batting three hundred. Now they're both going on the injured list. I think Willie Calhoun will come up your thoughts here. If I said to you Pence Mazaar Willie Calhoun for the rest of the season would hurt rusher cheese. Well, that's a fair. Drop either of those guys everywhere. And that's that I've had one league. It's Chris Taylor. I couldn't get anybody else. I got outbid another league. It was outscored who did nothing last week like we'll Hoon or Penser Missouri. I think you can make the case Calhoun, here, you can I could really make the case for any of these and I would love to chase the hot streaks by the opportunity..

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