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Magic? But right now, six forty eight Jason and Alexis in the morning. My talk with seven one, Alexis watched two very, very different shows. Like I said, then that. What I needed one. I loved. Oh, wow. I heard on scared. I'm going to be scared that this is going to mentally change our friendship. Okay. Oh got dawn. I know what she's going to say. Now, I know what she's going to say. No chance makes me so sad. But okay. Just it's like jumping into cold water. Here we go. Okay. Fine. Lex, which one did you hate sites creek? Oh, that's a prising free. Nice. Did you think I didn't like little house on the prairie? Yes. I talking about game of thrones. Little house in the period. I know you just said you were fine with the ending of Freemuth role. And so I go, okay. Oh, yeah. Okay. Yeah. I watched four episodes. I think it's so dumb. It's unrealistic. No one is that clueless. You don't know your kids middle name, you don't know what a bag boy is at the grocery store. I just I couldn't handle it anymore. So after four episodes, I stopped a while. Oh, no. No. I didn't I didn't like it either. You didn't. How far did you get done? I got like three episodes. Yeah. Even a good taste. Jason. I'm sorry. I know you love it all. I'm not the only one I it is perhaps now. Because I'm now in season. I'm in season. Four eight is without a doubt. One of my favorite sitcoms of the last ten years. Wow. Does it gets better? My goodness. It gets it is so hard to believe, but it gets an more your rose, Catherine O'Hara is now. I know why she is a gay icon because that character. Is so fantastic and the characters in that town, get flushed out, and I remember the first three episodes, and you don't really get to know the townspeople of the Shiites creek, but the townspeople become so endearing, and then they anyway, oh my goodness. It doesn't surprise me. I will say this actually doesn't actually surprise me that you didn't that you don't like it after three or four. Yeah, because I didn't love it either until about season two and then a light bulb hit me. And I was like, wow, Catherine O'Hara is phenomenal. And this is such my type and David it becomes like another favorite character of mine. Yeah. But it doesn't surprise me actually, I'm sad. But it doesn't surprise me that after four you didn't love it because I didn't have to leave. As in to, to start liking it. No, I'm just I'm just saying, you're not going to go back and say, I doesn't surprise me. I started it watched. I think four or five dropped it for about eight months. Seriously? Yeah. Everybody friends of mine, who know my sense of humor said jase, what are you doing? And then my boss meme was like, are you kidding me? Like this. This is your show like the now I get it. Now. Is it is? She's I want her in my life every day. I just it was just hard for me to buy into the premise. I just can't believe that a family would be that clueless. That's kind of. But you like the little house on the priority. Remastered on Amazon prime and the first episodes an hour and a half. So I felt like it just watched the little house on the prairie moving. Oh, wow. What happens in the first episode, I don't even know Don so much. Oh, families the homestead, they start heading west. Yeah. They make a couple of stops along the way. And then they build this house with the help of a bachelor who lives on the other side of the hill name Edward, Mr. Edwards. And you kind of wonder is this guy creeper, like he, he shows up? He dances, weird all the stuff that will turns out he becomes a, a loyal friend to the Ingalls family. There's also is are making their way west the person or the, the being that I feel the most bad for is Jack their dog, and they don't get let them get in the wagon following the wagon west poor little guy. Provincial rain at some point little guys sitting under the ragging like little, please. The I. Die. And he's soaking. And then they have to cross this river, and they don't even put Jack in the wagon men and jackets lost. And somehow, you know, he's an amazing dog and finds them where they end up a camping for the night. Sure. There's also a few things of like Laura she wishes that she had a remembrance book, and I'm thinking kit, you find a way to get the girl little diary. There's not a hyper source down the road. Mike. Oh my God. Center down the prairie. Say that I would much rather hear her give a recap of the very than any other current show, every lex, you, I mean, do you, but please watch more? Yeah. They treat that dog not like we this now. Yeah. Poor, little Jack, he's a loyal and true though. I mean he's a good watchdog that's for sure. Oh, no. They, they went through so much at versity to of course, they're in a wagon. You wonder if the wheels are gonna break, you think about. Okay, what they're, they're worried about Indians coming and that's what they will. We ever see them. Are they coming? I mean it looks like they're going in a good direction with that. Paul goes hunting. And then he gets chased by some coyotes, wear and wild dogs like they follow him home a ho. Yeah. Yeah. Lex. Free coup diaries. This is the replacement. Okay. Recounting Pau being chased by coyotes single Mike Marsh o of the last week. Just going to say. Oh my gosh. There's much you. So you yes, so you love the character, the characters are very sweet. There's a lot of knitting crochet quilting, you know. So I'm all about that. At one point, the Ma Ma is spinning wool which, you know, that's awesome to see. And but. Yeah. I, I think that the characters are pretty lovable right now. I'm not sure about the oldest Sister Mary he's tattletale but I guess we'll see what happens with her. And then at the end they have to move again, because the government.

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