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I am convinced that there's no season. Say anything to anyone. I warn than just a argument for shelby. The story of the air tutor is gray. Rather hire hair everywhere. I her here ran one explosive. The fugitive argument was advanced by mr durst himself was repeatedly stated that he went to galveston because he was quote the farthest point. I could get away from new york city. Would having had the body left in the position. Where morrison was sean copied it in the reconstruction the without question. Respectfully judge where you take the job. The mars black as a witness to what they can. Present that to prove the special circumstances killing witnesses because of the modus operandi. It's a common scheme implant to remove witnesses and this made me feel bad about. The movie is roy. Moore's lawyer idea that. I could kill more don worse. Welcome back to season. Two of jury duty the trial of robert durst. I'm your host carryanne dollas and joined by my co host brittany bookbinder. As the prosecution nears the end of their case against robert durst. they have begun presenting evidence that demonstrates how in essence robert durst is his own worst enemy in the last several weeks. The prosecution is presented statements that durst his made in prior testimony. Recorded phone calls and interviews for various forms of media including the documentary series the jinx and his commentary on thinly fictionalized film. All good things. In presenting this evidence the prosecution intends to show that robert durst on the record. Statements have locked him into a narrative that his defense team will have to tort their case. Around in this episode we'll examine how durst statements to the media and in prior testimony have backed into a corner and how and why his narrative has changed over time. 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Kelsey reenacting bursts comments to charles bagley from twenty fifteen in essence durst believes that without the time money or political will no one would bother to piece together and fact check the various stories. He's told over the years and for a very long time. He was right but then in two thousand thirteen los angeles deputy. Da john lewin entered the picture beginning about eight years ago. Lewin and his team of prosecutors and investigators patiently began picking up the breadcrumbs. The durst has left behind for the past forty years. We have come to the part of the trial where the prosecution is feeding each of these breadcrumbs to the jury just as robert durst stands on the precipice of taking the witness. Stand in his own defense. So what are these breadcrumbs. What are the key pieces of self-incriminating information that robert durst has left on his path. Well there are actually multiple breadcrumbs related to all three of durst alleged murders first. There's the night of kathy's disappearance schori authors rake. Jerry's of was the fault. The kathy returned from uber's part. He said they asked yet. Wage jurisprudence cathy. I trained to city. He then said he visited his neighbors. That's gonna be the mayors and he wasn't doing anything various. He said he spoke with kathy by phone. Between eleven and eleven fifty. She seemed fine. She was watching tv in riverside drive. And that's deputy. Da john lewin in his original opening statement last year. As we reported in season one durst own statements have been the backbone of the prosecution's case against him and his comments to filmmakers andrew iraqi and marks merlin which will officially be entered into evidence. This week have been especially problematic for the defense. As lewin pointed out during his opening statement actually admitted they had a violent argument. Here is what robert durst initially told andrew directly about the night. Kathy disappeared so the night that she disappeared last night. So through what you're never happening he gets back. Very good sampler. Whatever he read me loaded would walk from the house. She wants to to say. Go to see if you will. But the maher c. Because of a condition us many thing michigan bother me. one harbor. Just add the eighties. The so she was. I was Something the har- immediately go over saying south saying you think the i hate way. She wants to go to the city. She take the train and she's no taking the car ke that car and she not taking the cards. He'd just verbal argument pushing show. In addition to jurists apparent admissions of physically and emotionally abusing his wife on the night of her disappearance durst admitted to the makers of the jinx that he lied to investigators about his actions that night. Now in two thousand ten show that one thing shocking details that emerged from the directed. Small interviews is that for the first time ever talk. Jurors is going to cash in myth that the story about going back to the neighbor's house was complete application. Explain why it was if you listen to his explanation. You're gonna understand. Bulger sits liu and then played a clip of that interview. And then.

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