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Hell. I'm not even sure where you start on a morning like this. You think things are going okay who we gotta get free agency while they're busy still. Yeah i mean rather be busier. Yeah we a give. Are they gonna add to nick. Caserio continues to do work and know jackie's to be is not the one defining personnel and these decisions. He may be approving some of them. But he ain't the one doing the scouting on my assure. That nicosia's impact is being felt that we start here. Two things is to shawn watson more likely to be traded because they got a twelve million dollar with incentives about a six million dollar base. Tyrod taylor who's the steve berg of this era. You bring him in your draft first round picks. He's a good player. You can start 'em if you need to you draft a first rounder. And then he gets replaced whether it's baltimore and joe flacco whether it's buffalo and josh allen whether it sandiego slash l. a. in justin herbert. Whether it's i mean everywhere he goes they just replace them with another guy was he in cleveland. He wasn't cleveland baker mayfield. He's that guy now. I know a guy who coached him in the nfl. Who says and. I've heard this from multiple sources. Pro prepared underrated great team player and the players love him and i also know this about him. He's not a big chance taker. He'll do everything can't protect the football. He's basically what you want a guy back and quarterback class and a guy go going if he has to start that he's not gonna take a lot of risk which means there's not going to be that old high end reward but it will protect the football he'll be prepared good football high q. For high football. Iq and he'll play any. He's just a pro. he's not going to. He's not going to disrupt much just always seemed to be in the place whether it's an injury or a first round pick where he's that guy that everybody wants on their roster because you know what you're going to get from him which is a good thing and the first thing people are going to talk about is all will does that mean to shawn's gone. I don't know if it means he's gone. But i can tell you this. It makes it makes it easier for security blanket. Then you would have expected if you were talking about it and if you tyrod taylor can hold this down for a year while this team goes through struggles. I assure you that they have every intention to do it in. La last year. Unfortunately he might have to show. Watson is here right and then the other part of this. Which is i. don't speculate on stuff like this. I wait till i hear before. I know what the true answers but does shawn watson has now been. I guess. Accused of sexual assault is being represented. By an attorney is the female. I don't know who she is. I don't know win another detail about the details. It's a high it's a. It's a big time attorney in town..

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