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One at one point when I think it was when the marvelous MRs Mazel won an award. Amazon had won an award. And whoever was doing the thanking stage was named checking a lot of people and one of the people was Jeff Jeff, and they cut the Jeff as through sitting there watching, and I'm just not I don't know what really ward a one one name name. I don't know why I find it amusing that the wealthiest person on the planet is just named checked by first name only. But I do find it too. Carol Burnett getting you didn't watch I watched them. I if I had known Carol Burnett would be on might have watched one of the funniest people in history. Yes. And an award was created in her name. So she was the first winner of set award for for television achievement. And I'm sure for a lot of people who either watch the awards or just reading the news coverage and scratching their heads. And wondering like well, who, oh, I think I know who she was an absolute groundbreaking performer. First woman to ever host a variety show. Not only her own stuff was funny, but still an amazing job with that show bringing in that cast with all of the other people Cormon, Tim Conway, people Lawrence vacate hilarious, and in the same way that we talk about you know, businesses that have great CEO's and one of the things we like to see is they've surrounded themselves with great executive talent. That's basically what Carol Burnett did with her show. She was not one of these people's like all I need to get all the laughs. She knew that. If people were laughing at anyone on her show, they were laughing at her show. Yeah. The WalMart commercial. And I sent you the YouTube clip clip for this. Walmart had an ad and I'll put this out on the market flurry Twitter feed. We'll all have to watch it. Because somehow, I didn't do I didn't do my homework. But I know the gist. It was it was so the the purpose of the ad was to get across that WalMart is doing more and more to help customers get their stuff some of that involves delivery. But some of that involves pickup and the way people really seem to like to do order on the app and pick it up. I guess that's because you know, when you're getting it right and just drive by and pick it up and what they did for this commercial to demonstrate how easy it is to pick up stuff at WalMart. Is they had all of these icon ick vehicles from television and movies. They had the batmobile they had doc Brown's DeLorean from back to the future kit the talking car, which only geezers like you and me remember from Knight Bumblebee from transformers, and it was fantastic. Although when I was telling you about the ad, what was your reaction, while we know there are some portent cars don't seem to be there. Christine where was Christine Christie had the same reaction to one of the Email one of the news emails. I get from the Wall Street Journal same sort of thing they were like where was Christine for those unfamiliar Christine. The the nine hundred fifty eight Plymouth fury murderer possessed by. Possessed by hell or something and not surprising that it was a Stephen King novel turned into a movie. But yeah, well, where was Christine do they have TD Bank? They did not they had the adverts car from like cannonball run. No, they had the the pumpkin from the turns into the carriage from Cinderella. They're going mass market will. Yeah. The more seventies those like convoy kind of thinks well, look along with the murdering Klamath they had kit the talking car and. Yeah, I think I think probably just as well that you and I were not in on the decision making next insert WalMart, give us a call. We've got notes got notes. You think how that meeting goes down? They show us the commercial if we're grain lining this like, look, I love the direction, but if you could just add a vehicle that actually murders. People think it'll be better right in front of the store right at the end that would be great for for walk in traffic. Yeah. Nobody wants our notes..

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