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Begins on Thursday over the merry roundhouse legislative council services said the the what the public was not gonna be allowed in because of cove in nineteen and I think cliff Pirtle representing the Republican Party New Mexico they challenge that in the state Supreme Court just started hearing arguments oral arguments couple seconds ago this is Chief Justice soon to be retired Chief Justice Judith Nakamura in the state Supreme Court live on Facebook here here in the court room is not going to move to the justice who is speaking so let me introduce you to the justices we do have appearing by video are senior justice a justice Barbara B. hill to my Daddy right good afternoon senior justice to my immediate right is just as Michael V. hill to my left is just a Shannon bacon and then to the far right is justice Dave Thompson so I'm gonna ask each of my colleagues since the camera's not shifting those you get in the court room if you remember to please identify yourself before asking a question I asked at the attorneys if you please remember to leave your microphone when you're not speaking on mute it before beginning to speak so we do have a slight time delay of one to two seconds for communicating back and forth and it certainly helps when if you were just delayed just a bit so my question is after an argument advocate S. U. turn east just wait a second let the justice minister questions before you begin to speak and then of clarification is needed you know again wait just a second before you begin speaking so what I'd like to do at this time is asked each of the attorneys to enter his appearance starting first with the petitioner in for senator cliff Pirtle good afternoon just she just is not camara blurred on behalf of the petitioners thank you Mr done and therefore the respondent in this case the Legislative Council committee of the New Mexico legislature please enter your parents good afternoon your honor is Tom nasco on behalf of the New Mexico legislative council thank you Mr nasco if I didn't do to ready to cause numbers three eight three five six so what I see in this case is that we have Mr done for the petitioners you you you have fifteen minutes of course that could be extended by questions of the justices E. R. responded responded Legislative Council within respond for twenty minutes and then Mister John you will be allowed to five minutes for rebuttal with that right S. please that you proceed Mr done with your opening statement for opening remarks please thank you I'd like to begin by sharing the my my clients the petitioners in this matter I understand the gravity and cannot take lightly the the job of discordant councilman built to deal with in dealing with this endemic in how we operate as a government and as a people during this pandemic I it helps and I understand completely why support completely why not who appeared in front of you today and to that end I like to start with a little bit of mask if I could I'm not a big fan of gimmicks during oral arguments but I plan to wear a mask and I noticed that you are wearing masks I haven't mastered a client of mine prepared for me and on the right side of it you will see the GOP and on the left side of it you'll see the Democratic Party of New Mexico and the only reason I bring that up is to emphasize that really when you get down to it there are democracy and the transparency of our democracy in the creek the critical nature of our democracy really is a nonpartisan not even just bipartisan issue but a nonpartisan issue that requires all of us to participate in preserving the union bye bye doing with things in an open and transparent fashion the one all right the feed is frozen as you can see it does not matter how much education you have how intelligent you are or you betray yourself or you'd like other people think you are sometimes muting your microphone is beyond the stretches beyond the ability of even some of the smartest people right back to Blair done representing the Republican Party of New Mexico and that's the reason that these legislators and and one other petitioners a former Lancashire stood up and said Hey this is a problem we're not really going to be able to participate in our legislative session in a manner that that we should be able to in a representative democracy with Alps some ability to reasonably and safely but meaningful purchase a bait in the special session is set to begin on June eighteenth the card in the colonial revolutionary Patrick Henry said that the liberty of a people never were nor never will see secure when lawyers maybe concealed and unfortunately what we're presented with through the session of the legislative council committee is that the public would be left out in the darkness and they wouldn't really be able to participate but to win full all right that is blaring done representing the Republican Party to Mexico as I assumed it was going to be pretty boring we can't we can't I can't hang with that I'm not going to not going to force you to hang with that especially because the other people who are part of his hearing Supreme Court members might because the people were members as well as the attorney for the legislative council services cannot cannot meet their microphones don't know how have not learned how I think chief justice and due to talk more before she retires should start slapping the contempt of court fines like five thousand dollars five thousand dollars for not muting your microphone just to the Republicans I I just love the Republicans a scream and holler about everything is unfair and we have to open up the capital and we have to open up the state and massage parlors should be opening gun shop should be open and gymnasium should be open and it's not fair that all up and then yet they have and I would imagine Blair is not going to come up Blair looks high by the way I'm sorry Blair but it looks like Blair's been hit the bong a couple times before you went maybe they're in lunch before he went back to the Supreme Court he looks a little Nile I shouldn't say that.

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