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He could snap. When he gets a bad call. Remember he's taking a couple of misconduct. He didn't like to call. But man, I'll get back to it in a minute. But last year's power drive to the puck to the net. That's fine. But you still got to recognize there's a crease there stop and he wasn't pushy just wiped out heath Kim game. Devils win the draw with it inside. The blue light goes across is to Brad west the devil's goal down low for Johannesen, it's taken away by the pain. Heats up sometimes finds a lane and clears it to center ice devils with a power play goal in each of their last five games. Ninety five fifteen on the PSE and G power play. They gain the zone brat. Can't settle Johannesen though will pick it up wires it around for Paul Mary at the left wing wall hands it out high deceiver sitting now download Brad in the right wing circle. Back to Seaver data Paul Mary the one timer. Save made by berry. We'll have a face off. I love the looks of this power plate on the left side. You got cowpox Mary who could take a path and Iverson can lay it in there. He can one time. But on the other side, you got that triangle. We're talking about that meeting. You're looking at that. And is going to be a guy between the hash marks near the boards. A guy down low on Travis Z, Jack usually on the middle hash. Mark waiting for the one timer. So you've got two things going on here that the penguins have to worry about in the devils. Matt had been making good choices. But more than that. Accurate on their passing score power play goals. Right. It's got to go deep deep deep in the net. Devils win the draw Johannesen taking it here. Seaver sin now for Palmeri Chris for the tip by Zajac. It's blocked it clear to the sidewall hall. Mary double team. Comes loose. Jack Johnson shovels. It ahead. Jim McCann and the puck is clear McCann and UK's data acquired February first and the big trade with Florida, Derek resort and Riley Sheahan going the other way devils are offside fifty.

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