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Bills are more than a trillion dollars eight low eight we'll be the first woman to chair the committee. Her ranking member will be cave Granger of Texas. Representative Nita Lowey democrat of New York. You will be the chair of the appropriations committee for the hundred and sixteenth congress. You have served in the house since nineteen eighty eight. You're not new to the appropriations committee. You've been ranking member since two thousand thirteen what will be your priorities. First of all, I am honored to serve as the chair of the appropriations committee. I've been working with my colleagues finale years in investing in education investing in building infrastructure investing in serving working people to make sure we doing everything we can for education. So this will be a very exciting time to me, and my colleagues, and I hope we can work in a bipartisan way your priorities. My priority is infrastructure, helping working families education healthcare making life better for working people in this country with a democrat in the chair. How will things be different from the Republicans. I would hope we can get bipartisan support. But if we don't I will move ahead and make sure that we are making those investments that really affect working people in our country. Explain why the appropriations process is set up the way it is. And can you meet the deadline of passing twelve spending bills that the appropriations committee has not been able? To get at least to the floor for a vote in many many years. There was no question that we can pass twelve appropriation bills. We passed five six bills that have not been passed. Yet are ready to go bipartisan and the one Bill homeland security. This seems to be some discussion with the White House, and we can get a continuing resolution for that one..

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