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In committee. I should be on the veterans music riding the wrong of the fact that first ballots Aga- ballot ruttles never got in and then lastly Jennifer Aniston announced she joined instagram today guys hey who's one celebrity sports figure you wish would hop on the social media train oh there she is with the whole cast of friends I post that'll be liked by about a million people Yeah One hundred thirteen thousand followers already she follows eighty one is please tell me Michael del Tufo one of them may look fodder ready so she follows Sese de Niro Pacino Bruce springsteen all had dinner in the same spot I was watching it the whole time it's kind of crazy in London and I said one you can only take one film or movie or song from all of them we gave our picks early. Let's go to the phone lines chip in Maine Chris Brockman state what's going on to restore it Sir what's going on brother well I just wanted to chime in that was a great question. Congratulations see those guys I I went up on interrupted Scorsese's conversation at tell him how much I loved them and I figured I'd one shot to get in get him with any of them and I chose Scorsese and then got a Selfie by blocking his way with the back of my chair as if I was like just getting up just to get up oh you're leaving can I get a Selfie I like I really did that chip you couldn't say this to in twenty years ago but at the middle man now experiences like behind you you can now articulate how much you appreciate what he's meant to you and this it was the right time thank you do you have an entry into this conversation as scared Scorsese's amazing catalog I think casinos my favorite movies all you know the appropriate cast all the guys just the greatest thing Deniro I'm going to go a little different my favorite deniro movie it'd be in the father of two sons as a bronx tale I really don't want his role as the boys dad he's just just he he's everything you want your dad to be Pacino there was only one he's what's Kinda hey deep here I love a chip y'all yeah he's fantastic he's the he's the man that movie springsteen as a young man growing up I influence of the Classic Rock Scene Eighties I just Fell in love with Song Tenth Avenue freeze out what a classic chip waited waited Nice great phone call seven Rackham they say RATPAC Tenth Avenue Freezer. Nobody's mentioned sensible woman can tool a saying that said scarface too I mean spirit there as they're not as good as the godfather that's the problem that's not a problem but that's the thing they're Knoxville Tennessee let's take your call what's up dentist how're you doing rich what do you got for me Dennis Okay I'M GONNA put a couple of quick votes on this category got going that guy just stole my thunder Al Pacino's definitely to me San of a woman okay cocktail kind of a no brainer for me pulp fiction okay and springsteen down here streets of Philadelphia Tab with that and born in USA okay and Deniro was midnight run oh I don't believe for Scorsese while apocalypse now is apocalypse now was was coppola okay that's my fault it's all good I I I was kinda confused on that good Dennis thanks for the call you got it I will not fall Dennis from midnight run no that was not arena as we all know he's rest in peace but midnight Ron Deniro and I know oncoming Dr Pepper coordinating producer upon our hearing our first entries come on if you're on a deserted island you gotta laugh comedy in there but there are comedic moments in these gangster movie I guess so but I mean midnight run as you know is my favorite comedy of all time funny nobody's GonNa meet the parents yet for Deniro but I mean just one movie just gotTa go one eight.

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