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What would have ali been doing if he was in fact signed up for this man's army i miss this man in front of army i don't think you're gonna say now yataco for this man and this dow and her and then that thing over there they could get the app some two but wordy so we just say the army but if he was a lot if he said fine i'll report where where should i got what camp should i go do for basic training or whatever it is now we wouldn't have shipped him so he was in rice path to delta holding sixteen overs head like he wouldn't have got dad but they would have had two he would have like gone to vietnam and done all right sir something like that like i don't know how active woody of bent like would would he be allowed to be good good question question i don't i know now i have always confused by that over his daughter i'd remember david robinson was in the navy and supposedly when he was there and he was sevenfoot one and grade and everything people were say well he's going to have six years you're not going to be able to play and then they gave him an exception i don't know ted williams will fully chose i wanna be i wanna be fly ratchets wwe to but in korea two and he didn't have to do either i think they they have this pr wise i gotta just to have them be the face of stuff insane thing the way were wired as americans you're my brain it's like ted will first ted williams amazing what he did on the baseball field but then flying combat missions and if line of car corsair or p fifty one must time and those were first off there was no computers the flu those airplane he would be your all edward athlete lefty slugger great hater you love your base lawyer here's the way my brain works and most americans do as well.

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