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DP Dan. Patrick dot com we. Touched on Cam Newton and. Kelvin Benjamin crossing pass yesterday I'd I'd. Like to know if there's more to. This story. Anything that was said after. Because Thomas Davis he's you know he's the senior leader of Carolina you. Could see. Cam, but, she, Cam notices the camera Cam notices the, camera and then. Says to Thomas Davis maybe just back way a little bit And then Cam, looks, like he's, going in and he's gonna bump. Kelvin Benjamin and you, don't realize how big Kelvin Benjamin, is when you seem, next to Cam because we all, know cams of big dude Kelvin Benjamin I don't think he's concerned about Cam Newton heath he's bigger than Cam Newton but all of a sudden it's, like, hey Why why did you say what you. Said and then Thomas Davis, now he's got his hands behind his, back I don't? Know. Exactly what is that where you're you're hey I'm coming here in peace but you could leave in pieces yes he see the way. That, I see this Cam clearly. Goes in there and he likes, sort, of, walks into and bumps his. Shoulder, yeah he does it, smiling, cans clearly. Going up like being like hey man you got, something to say like I think joking around no I do and then I think he's surprised. When Kelvin, Benjamin not joking back. Or or is much more serious about it than Cam walks up and smart he's smiling but he does that he does. That at awkward moments there guys who do that where, they'll, laugh where it's? Not the right time to laugh I think, he, was expecting Kelvin Benjamin to be. Like, hey. What's up, dude like. Give them like that and be like oh, sorry, about it. Out and Kelvin Benjamin not, he's like hold up don't don't get in my space, backup like whoa all right I think the. Grin? Is is that awkward grin Cam has? I think it's an. It's like a personality trait that that's awkward Yeah, I see. That grin to me reminded me a little, that, Bobby Baena. Smile in the locker more, is getting ready to beat up that reporter going ahead, and make your move move make your move The Abbott Cam. Has that like OJ has that laugh that he laughs when, you're, not supposed to laugh Cam has that, grin where you're going cans. Holding, out his hand to shake it and Kelvin Benjamin not shaking it he's clearly got his hand on cams looking at it like yeah but he's not gonna shake my hand but Cam. Bumps him I'll Man I passive. Aggressive there yes mclovin one factor Thomas Davis, is involved in this he showed a set him up? And then, Davis bumped but you have to give them a Davis is supposed to be the nicest. Person in the NFL recovery story citizen the year so Thomas Davis is like known as being nice, so I think maybe they were expecting a big hug maybe it was supposed to be a, group how how. Could you expect a big group hug Kelvin Benjamin said these, are, pro athletes supposed to be able to, compartmentalize anything and move, on I don't. Think you move on from that if you're, Cam Newton and Kelvin Benjamin basically said you're not a? Smart quarterback, you're not accurate boy I wish I could've played with somebody who was good And you're going. To go well bro man at her a. Little bit but coming to bring, it in here no you'd be like bring. It in here. And. I got a knife on a stabbing in the back Yes Yeah but kids got an ad his whole. Life he's, like you, know he's gotten so much. Criticism like I feel like you can't really affect. Them how many times have teammates said this about, him the media labelled? Him, yeah the media has said the same, thing but this is a former teammate. Here Bummed me out of a teammates said it. To, me personally on the phone or in, the, locker room but but now the whole world, is reading it talking, about it in quoting it and makes it so much more worse the fact, that it was a public thing instead of a private chat. About how, we felt about their time to your yeah it's just the whole thing where. He he he's, saying without really broadcasting at the camps not a smart quarterback and I think that's something that Cam faced when he, came out of Auburn. I, think that's what a lot, of, black quarterbacks have. Faced you know the last couple, of decades here and I think that's the one that stinks I think, Cam, in my, mind clearly went. Up there to squash the whole thing and was given Kelvin Benjamin the chance. To, like don't worry about it bygones and Calvin. Benjamin was, like Nope, not doing it and that. Would probably I mean cans being gracious enough to. At least in my mind to be like hey, all right don't worry? About, we can figure this out and instead, Kelvin Benjamin wouldn't even shake his hand Which would take me by surprise too and won't even and, it's, walking away, from him the. Whole time he can't even. Face is own, Cam keeps walking after him too Fritzy, see somebody covering the Panthers wants to, join us maybe ask him if he wants to join Calvin council together all right we'll take a. Break if you bought them together Here we go What do you want Many hotdogs for. A year or something I. Don't know about that And we'll have. A meet Friday mountain waking we'll have I. Can't keep you alive I don't need to be on intravenous pumping yellow number five out of my intestines, didn't want to the fact that fritzy's was sneaking mountain dew recently. Like you can't do that Busted in the corner the chugging. Warm bottle of to. Through that expired who knows where I know, how did they actually.

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