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So you remember Senator Joe Donnelly, Joe Donnelly who turned his back on Indiana voters? Now, this we got a lot because we're waiting for this. This. Vote. This committee vote. And like I said last night Democrats, docs, Republican senators and some people say, well, they're information is public really posted a private cell phone numbers and the cell phone numbers of their wives. That's public because that's what happened in MRs hatch. Orrin Hatch's wife, push it her phone number last night. Is that does that is that? All right. Joe Donnelly, that's your party that. Okay. Go ahead and be posted in the numbers of wives of senators have the rage mob going, harass, senators wives. I mean, it is all about believe all win. And right. So what the hell is it? Let's go and harass the hell out of Republican women who were married to senators, right? I find it so ironic that in this era of believe all women women don't do what we want. We're going to harass them. Shame them. Demean them stock them and their families. Like they did with the cruises. I see tell me how much you care about women while you're dachshund calling the private cell phone. Number of the senator's wife, go ahead. I listen. I listen you go ahead. Just disgusting. And he's right. Absolutely. Did everything they could. To make it just it just it just it just awful. Now. I want to we're going to hear in a little bit. The House Judiciary committee is the vote gets as we get closer. We're fifteen minutes away from this vote, and we're going to take that live. And so it's going to be a little bit crazy. And then we're gonna we're gonna kind of take it back to normal. But. This is just amazing. I just wanna audio sound bite to this is this is the state of things you have senators asking about farting guys. This is what happened yesterday audio somebody to. This is Senator Sheldon Whitehouse or how do you pronounce that? I to flatulence we were sixteen okay. And so when your friend Mark judge said the same thing in that yearbook page back to you at the same. Meaning it was flatulence. I don't know what he did. But that's my recollection willing to talk about flatulence sixteen on a yearbook page game. Yep. So that was the big important thing that was the important thing. That's what they wanted to talk about. Now, we're looking to see if we have enough votes. We're looking we're looking to see if we have enough votes to move it out of committee. Now last night, we had the votes flake was talking to Senator coons just a little bit earlier, and he was talking to Senator coons just a little bit earlier. Cory Booker walked out of the meeting just a little bit ago. Democrats walked out earlier as well. And. It is. A straight up circus is what it is. It's a circus. Now, it was flake Murkowski and Collins who were the free we need every vote. We need every vote. And Democrats right now are trying to delay the one thirty vote even more so. They're trying to do everything that they can. White House the saying given what's happening in the in room. We have to delay the vote they're trying to delay. It. Cornyn and crews went to go talk to flake. So we're going to keep an eye on this. And then when they start going back. There are a bunch of senators that we're talking to flake because flake went to to her friends, and then there are a bunch of senators that were in a huddle, according to hill reporters with flake, and they think flake is going to change his vote if Jeff flake changes his vote. I have no words right now. None. None. He will be an embarrassment to political office. Oh my gosh. For real. I ain't even gonna deal. I'm not doing good illustrate now. So we're going to keep an eye on this. And we're gonna follow it all in the meantime, as we go, and look I'm gonna I've seen all of these all of these companies out there that are doing everything that they can everything they can to affect what you chose November two thousand sixteen. Do you know you can vote with your dollars? There are cell phone companies that do just this. They fund Planned Parenthood. They find amnesty groups they found all the stuff. You don't like patriot mobile is the only conservative cell phone service that actually that.

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