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The yankees and also the houston astros again offensively they were there still worried about one two but just a burland or who was the story on the mound against seven strong innings that he shoots a grit in the sixth and seventh thinning this guy really has it he understands how to pitch a big game and again hats offered plus the berliner two games against the yankees 21 strikeouts and cut and a half strikeouts pergame i'm doing the math i i know mrs rodriguez will be roku apple or me pour me out but at sea would be will he would be bad we could let a lengthy did i was tortured all these years lighter land between mrs ruggeri that mr q kontani who might were arming my was missed pilgrim at saint ciprian in brooklyn new york bor i went to a pistol failing school there are people that a sticklers i think she had been a staple metrics because that hi out to bother see was about numbers the make you the all numbers we're going to be correct and yet to find a correct way to go about the whole you need that you need the talk to the houston astros maybe they have a space the decision sciences the part of the baby maybe cybergear connected out your pseudo a couple of p auto field police say a drought of if he if bigleague baseball analyst in studio with freddy culminating espn radio oppose this question with all the things you said cease the back in amount amman after the yankees 10 and 0 after yankees lost the season he was terrific three hit ball six shutout innings the last time be to get together and john smoltz of the interesting say about more than who's going to get to start the night tomorrow night for houston he said he made good pitches he was just unlucky so who has the advantage it assisi bathroom basin is experience or more than any astros having homefield advantage cc sabathia and it's the experience i think ugh value it a lot i think since about the in this circumstance he can really slow down the game but at the end of the day it'll come down to the bullpen it'll come down to see who is able to shut down and keep a lot of.

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