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Grand saga shit happens a milan from it the biggest thing you learn from it don't make the same mistake again and it it fuels you to get back in the gym and work on things that maybe you didn't see we're holes before so if it doesn't do that probably not sport for you but either way get your ass back in there this one from the manage fight lineker brian boom one thirty five after i beat lineker am i worthy of bl am i worthy of below the belt dude you've always been worthy for god's sake pitcher asked here we'll do it man just hit me up good lucky lineker it's tough one at the nathan santa's who would win straight bj jj match dillon dazzle bryner tiga well i'll say this dylan danas is is a more complete jiu jitsu competitor ortega hasn't compete a ton compared to dylan dan so that's still dances world that's far as makes martial arts bj prior tag i think would have the advantage there as far as striking the wrestling a looking for the openings to to get a hold of dances next which is easier said than done but as far as just straight up who's more decorated if they were compete in a gay don't dance would have the advantage their amazing amazing competition though i don't think doubts would slice through bryner take or anything like that brian is a nightmare and a gay at rand underscore rut two thousand thirteen la rams real deal or hype train i think real deal especially with that defense that defense we're going sizzler baby we're at least going to i mean we should win the division and then i bet we make it at least the second round of the playoffs donna csu we got my boy khalib from denver at cornerback you know we're making some moves in the offense is nasty girly monster we're making some moves man i'm not mad at him.

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