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Com slash credit and get $75 towards your first sponsored job terms and conditions apply 5 48 Back to Jack Taylor and the traffic center Watch in chantilly on 28 going south manage to approach 50 activity along the right side of the roadway 66 off to a good start at a Gainesville east no worries yet out of Fredericksburg 95 north through woodbridge headed into Springfield looking just as good on three 95 all the way up toward the 14th street bridge Decent trip early kind of a Friday pace if you will on the beltway through Maryland and Virginia just be careful that you try to get out of some of the neighborhoods even onto some of the secondary roadways You may still have some icy buildup if it looks shiny It is probably ice for the better part Be careful and just watch that keep your speeds down Maryland two 70 south you're good at a Frederick headed down toward the lane divide We've been quiet between the beltways on 95 Word of a broken down vehicle south on the BW Parkway had been reported after one 98 along the left side Icy conditions caused a crash in clarksburg on three 55 north of one O 9 You may very well find yourself unfortunately under direction because of a vehicle that is overturned You're in good shape on I 70 no worries from Hagerstown through Frederick toward Baltimore and back You should find all your travel lanes open There have been a crash in Bowie reported was supposed to be on 50 eastbound at near one 97 No troubles downtown yet quiet across the freeway third street tunnel New York avenue in D.C. two 95 I two 95 to smooth ride so far coming out of oxen cove north toward the inbound 11th Red River technology decisions aren't black and white Think red Jack Taylor WTO pra traffic We got a cold forecast now Here's storm team four meteorologist Mike Stanford And good morning Nick Yeah the story this morning temperatures tumbled into the teens to low 20s across the entire.

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