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Easy. I'm watching a video on the chalet Lee. We shall Layla the shell lately. From Ireland. Turns out this was used to be a weapon back in the old days, and then the British law outlawed it. British government outlawed it too dangerous. And so then walking sticks were disguised his weapons or weapons disguises, walking six vice versa, and that's how this walking stick becomes. It's really great weapon to ward off intruders, and that's how this 82 year old dude in Chicago did it the other day. Amazing Last night, the Rams their defense stepping up in a big way against Tom Brady in the bucket ears. And statistically speaking. This Rams defense is one of the best in football and does not get the run it deserves. Erin Donald is obviously one of the best defense, the pass rushers and defensive players in a generation. He's a Hall of Famer walking Canton bust and Jalen Ramsey is a legit lockdown shutdown corner. But for whatever reason, maybe because the Ram's or Tinseltown Hollywood, Maybe because the Rams defense Doesn't have the star power of the Rams offense. Maybe because Sean McVeigh was looked at as an offensive mastermind the Rams D gets overlooked. But that Rams defense ranks in the top two were top three. Essentially every significant category you have Rams defense That obviously is great against with points allowed rushing yards allowed passing yards allowed. Sacks. Total yards allowed their elite it last night. Two more interceptions of Tom.

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