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B. C.'s James Robbins reports the U. S. Britain Canada and Australia are raising objections it doesn't look as if the Chinese are necessarily going to back down dot we've only seen Walton not cool the decisive steps taken by Beijing in other words they still have to put flesh on a detailed draw off tool the principal all's raining in Hong Kong all the imposing a security apparatus on it from China that hasn't yet been put in place but these four countries are hoping they could still be talked back from the brink the national people's Congress approved the bill as it wrapped up an annual session that was held under intensive anti coronavirus controls check out more breaking news read the best analysis you can find the both the town hall dot com Virginia senator Tim Kaine says both he and his wife have tested positive for corona virus antibodies the announcement from Kane means both he and his wife have previously been infected with covert nineteen the news comes after the pair took a serologic test that's the one that indicates whether somebody has contracted the virus and build up an immune response those who have it should be less likely to be re infected themselves or infect others but the science is still too new to be certain so Kane says for the meantime he and his wife plan to keep on following the CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of covert nineteen Wagner reporting US economy saw its biggest quarterly decline in more than a decade as the commerce department reported a gross domestic product fell at an annual rate of five percent in the first quarter that's a bigger decline in the four point eight percent drop first estimated a month ago more on the stories a townhall dot com I'm Rhonda Rocher sounds of nature's fruits and vegetables in a capsule changing the world one life at a time I've taken up momentum vitamins for many many many many years and I've never tried anything that works like that within the first two or three months is when I started noticing a boost of energy I mean I just don't need as much sleep I used to always be tired I mean every morning I'd wake up feeling like I never left and now it's like I'm waking up at five or five thirty in the morning like I'm wide awake and I'm good to go so that part is unbelievable and I'm not dragging by the end of the day either it's amazing it's absolutely amazing I've been sharing it with everyone I know I swear.

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