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A people. Follow your doing. Reboot your white in semen. Google and you'll see a little soft come up in the mainstream press and everything else. Involved in greater media dot com. That's in that's gray. As a color hair. The animal a media dot com. I've got a blog post on there. We'll see me expanding. Lots of things that are happening around the world has as they go on. I don't put stuff up as regularly as it should do not but People are free to come in and read that and i'm putting some conferences together. Then the for I think the international security expo in london olympia twenty twenty ninth of september free tend but it will have im- denied it. It will have fagin marie. Who's the mother of martin hat who got blown up in the manchester arena bombing. And she's pushing the new prevent duty. That's going to come in from a security perspective. It'll have an awful lot of senior people you got about. Hostages was talking guy. Called peter moore. Who's going to give his overview of of what's going on. I've got to Detective sergeant nick bailey. Hugo poisoned by nava chalk and soul. Free coming to talk about his experiences of upping poisoned and things like that so it it's freedom to and not that it ever tell the military audience that the day one having been to this on a few occasions beforehand. There tends to be free beer at the end of the day. One civilians this very. It's not just open to military it's open to. Anyone is a good eventually pinnock enjoy yesterday. One is usually well lots of mike when it was going to a cocktail party. That's not what happens after the booze old road which happens pretty quickly. But i'm conferences together for that so we'll see some stuff. Some interesting speakers trying get. I'll try and.

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