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Sodastream the sound of sober January. Thank God I have my metaphorical Gin and tonic. I wonderful friend to humorist Henry. Alfred of the New York Times James The New Yorker Vanity Fair is latest book and then we test. Hello Henry Alford. Hello Sandra how are you. I'm fine thank you so I'm speaking with my friend. Henry Elfriede I of course in Los Angeles in Pasadena in my living room truth be told. And where are you sitting right now Henry Henry Alfred. I'm sitting in the living room of my terribly. QUAINT Greenwich Village apartment. It is Super Queens. Okay so even though this podcast was called sleepless in Los Angeles and there you are awake in Manhattan. There's a connection I mean Los Angeles is a state of being while Manhattan is what is it. Well your maybe a state of anxiety as much as much as a state of being New York is the big apple while as my musician. Nations ex-husband used to say Los Angeles is receding carrot. So sad but true. I should note that we're talking on on January first New Year's Day like well behaved people it is eleven. Am My time two PM Yours. You got a little more wiggle room on that one. Now ask any Alfred Alfred. How was your New Year's Eve? It was super anti-climactic because we had actually been out past midnight the the two evenings prior yeah go figure I mean for a person over fifty. That's like the the a marathon of festivity so we just we played real low key last night so we you know I've heard the people of our age of the go-to Madonna Concert. And because Madonna doesn't go onto like twelve thirty in the morning lawsuits are happening actual losses. Have you heard uh I heard that the woman in Florida who sued and then I also heard that madge is doing on audience interaction and and is apparently not terribly polite or or smooth with any sort of hurting people's feelings in the audience did did you say mad madge. Yes is what my my people call her. As I'd like to say not only are we born two days. Apart you are February thirteenth. I eh eleven nine hundred sixty two. I don't mind saying Aquarians. Both will always be your elder. No matter what just as a Madonna madge will always be four years older than me though. I will always be seventy five pounds heavier so the topic at hand. This fine January first is his new year's resolutions January being as I like to the month of enlightened self loathing If you go into the history of it you could say the Babylonians did the Romans did it. The Christians did but further now supposedly you don't during the Great Depression. A quarter of American adults for New Year's resolutions whereas come to the turn of the century about half of all American adults formed and half will fail. So it's kind of a very first world problem. If you Wilson like we're peasants saying we hope on January first. The Tar will give us more money. We got to berate ourselves from having ingested too many things in first world way I think so how about you. Where do you stand on this issue of New Year's resolutions? Where do you stand on it? Personal one of my resolutions for this here is super first world. And that is that I would like to be calmer in the face of technological mishap uh-huh which is to say. I know that those those Nablus the automatic sinks in public bathrooms. I know that the the the those are supposed to make my life easier so I'm just going to relax into that noble intention rather than can focus on the highly irritating actuality which is that they they seem to single me out and I cannot activate the sings so you mean there. You'RE GONNA fluttering karate chops at Nocera to motion and you. You just can't do it precisely now I it could be. I could be doing some kind of like Origami Situation with the hand the fluttering and the and nothing so then you you sort of run over to the edge of the bathroom and you look to see if their paper towels and there aren't and then you run back it. Just it's a weird little dance chance. Well I think just you don't maybe if I'm just armchair quarterbacking here from the other end of the country I think the Origami fluttering thing thing. That's what I mean. I think maybe a standard calmly willing it to happen. You know instead of doing the stabbing thing. The I'm just picturing Hugh Henry through your Ram Right. The Graham and I think it's too much I think you just stand there calmly year. BRING ME THE WALK TO A. Ah Yeah you think the sink can smell fear especially in Chile your affair and you may have a point. Yeah maybe just like a Jab. Bob Knocking an uppercut to the to the sink nozzle okay. I'm going to turn now Henry. No that's totally wrong. I think you should just stand very still relaxed. The buttocks and like Charlton Heston as Moses. Just will surely. The titans factor is not aiding the process.

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