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I had to stop going on media takeout because what is okay, but can we rescue the Kardashians people are upset that they're too dark inappropriate in the culture, but in their defense, they literally are this color now, whether they're naturally this color or not can be up for debate, but I don't think they lying was see this thing. Are we rescuing them because this animate or are we risking them in life? Because I feel like the Kardashians just need to be rescued in general for. Life to main, you know, like just Cam is just out here showing booth. He undoing insecure about her behind. I just I'm trying to figure out why we got to see your behind every week one the other day. She posts a picture with her booty out saying be should remember to watch the Kardashians. What does your booty out have to do with us watching the car nations' you got three children girl this. What are you doing man? Do you think this is a real question? Do you think if you had Kim's body that she'll booty would be out all the time now not publicly. Rabidly have prime it. Oh, my going to beach. Yeah, but I'm not going to be neither. Does you are married woman? Yeah, and mother, it you too old. To be doing this. I know this how you started Joe career. That's not how you have to continue it. Yes, she has achieved a level as booty. I mean, I guess he wants to though, well, congress says that her body is at as in art. I just don't understand why we have to be subject to seeing her naked behind every week. Okay. Okay. Do here's a redeeming quality that I can appreciate about the Kardashians that I really feel like they are a family? Oh, yeah, for sure. They stick together. Lied on. You don't see them bad mouth in each of lying off for real for real. Yeah. Where the whole family be like divided instead of shoot. They still let Caitlin Caitlin be families jn. Is still family. Now, here's the question. Do you celebrate mother's day or Father's Day? No. All right. Okay. Guys, I'll be on my own out here guys about Bruce. We're talking about the guard as you. Okay, let's shawl is really echoing my sentiments which is Cora. Please stop. I can't imagine a better comet for this podcast. Gora please stop and yes, kimberlin loves core, which is amazing. Amerson no rescue on today with a whole..

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