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We hope you up with tickets to the big show this Saturday night Julius yeah and they'll go for its going to be there as well and would be there is also so what we want you to jump on and the these are no no no no this is the opening like you see on the weekends we play music no I know that and when we played music these are the songs that we play on the weekend I see okay and the only give the opening line I thought the world Jersey acts no no there we we we want them to be Jersey acts but is going to be like a lot of them are from different cities in America yes because I don't see any Vic Damone on here no no no he was and the buddy Greco file we I lost it in the movie that's what it was but one eight hundred two eight three one one point five now Julia you got the seventies I do have the seventies I and because I I remember them yes I was there I am yeah a lot of a job he was there he has no clue about this you know I don't seven days he's got the aid I have ladies going over I do I have limitations funniest right here right is right is not saying much but I think of those six I think this one is right now you get it right we give you the opening line you get it right tickets to the show it is that easy and we started off with Rory in Wayne was having a bow well good evening Steve how are you tonight good how are you it was a beautiful day today so it's a good day so it was a good evening to us it's always just you because you don't rate I don't see where I say how did you hear hi Julia how you doing hi how are you and that does not doesn't mean anything because you made a day yeah rowing how are.

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