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I played with with M._S.. Yeah in the world in world team tennis or well. This is what this question you played it World Team Tennis <hes> on a world tennis team peop- right that's right okay. Do you remember guy by the name of the cutty buddy kid or the cutlets kid because he was every time he was out of the Gordon. Go over to a lunchbox and pull out a cutlet. I did remember can't buy that at the cutting. Can Kinda can play for the well played for the Boston pygmies right. That was me you were the cutlet kid <hes> that that that is correct and I I wasn't very good. Nobody you went very good but everybody knew <hes> because you always built out like pork cutlet or some beef coming or something and just it's not on it what the fuck happened to him and a feel you've got some weird as call your show man. There is no question I've known for years. I try to ignore it. I try to get it out of my mind but you. I've got some weird cats bugging Oh man well. Thank you Roy. Wherever you're at Mr Bisky toby then he'd been doing nitrous oxide so he was gonNA happen? Oh my God feel evil. You got it like you to balance fell but it's been a blast <hes> Levy Canley without you. Don't start going Mr Cool on me. Okay thank you for being on the show. I'm not going Mr Cool but I can't be seen on a show where you're going just I ain't GonNa work done done whatever his name is. God Mixer Don mix it here in Philly. Thank you Mr Bisky wherever you are but what what is the guy said he warned he said he'd been doing nitrous oxide and you put him on the air anyway. I listened to him. I asked him a few questions I said what day is it time in a month. You know what time of the month yeah and what did he answer. He said it was about six thirty well. It's not even close to sit where where where was he. He's probably GONNA in an area of the world is thirty. I don't know it's seven o'clock right now. In the West Coast was that what no I took the call at six thirty so the guys on hold for half hour us all right what is so funny fill a cat sitting on hold for forty minutes who's been doing nitrous oxide got I dunno kill is a little slap happy again. Folks it. It happens. I'm do you want me to take over. No I'm fine. I'm just I'm laughing at things that that'd be pretty funny to everybody. I don't know why we'll be right back folks. We've got the Dooley's it is Butler old Butler days and it's all butter days. Here's another one fill. The all ladies bring out what they got and Phil has to turn that into something dirty. Is that what it's called fill right here come out onto old butter days here. It is old butter days celebrating the beginnings the the growth and the future of Butner Lake and our sister link late cobb the yeah period is butter residents dressed as old ladies show you what they got pies there yeah okay but I just think show you what they got yeah Willie L._A.. We'll be right back bobby and Steve Duly on old Butler Day's coming up here world-famous Phil Henry Show world-famous Philip by the way I'm Roy Bisky. This is prerecorded. I'm not on gas. The world famous Phil Hendrie show is brought to you by zoos imports zoos imports twenty-one Fifteen Berber way in Burger town and by staying dairies..

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