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Headquarters side John Charlie Pellett IBM is named are of inclusion as CEO replacing longtime CEO Ginni Rometty shares of IBM surging four point one percent after the bell Amazon handily beat estimates shares in Amazon dot com surging eleven point five percent right now on the SmackDown for W. W. E. shares world wrestling entertainment twenty nineteen earnings came up the low end of estimates is also replacing its copresidents shares plunging now by nineteen percent S. and P. up ten points up three tenths the Dow up one hundred twenty four up four tenths nasdaq up by three tenths son Charlie palette that is a Bloomberg business slash all right Charlie thank you so much Sir earlier Justin I caught up with a fan favorite of the Pittsburgh Steelers a member of the pro football hall of fame Super Bowl champion we're talking about to room Bennis the bus he joined us and we talked a lot of things that we began by talking about partnership that is out with her it's a great nickname the bus and you got a part we get into that nickname is up even a great partnership rightfully so with her it's helpful that about it it's a it's a great partnership what we're doing is I'm helping launch this program is called the extra mile programming the idea is to really celebrate and say thank you to the gold club reward members that have really made the hertz number one in class and so fifty people will have an opportunity to go to the big game in style and you know my nickname so what would you think would be in style in style is a bus yeah but if you're not going to the game then there's an opportunity as well for people to go to Instagram and and posters the picture on this story and tag it with the at hertz and they'll have opted to win three dollars and in the future right rentals from hertz all right got to ask you about your coach bill Cowher going into the hall of fame and the what a moment for him yeah there's a lot of emotion around that what did you feel when when you heard obviously not unexpected in a lot of ways acolytes still with but I'm certain but I'm certain right as you know as much as you say and I'll I'll I'll use myself as an example you know we saw with it all I didn't get in this year and it's all your hall of Famer mobile and I'm not I just could help the sentiments of your book does it count right but nobody reads your yes I'm sure go through he was in the same kind of a feeling that the old this opportunity is not promised that Kerr so he's gonna miss the cover tunes as of now it happened it happened in such a way that they were here he was surprised on air it was just it was it was just a beautiful moment and I was so happy that he was able to get in the hall of fame because he is deserving and really the reason that I was able to get all the fame is because of him believing in me to the point where he gave me so many opportunities to be successful well that's what I was reading about that he really was a game changer for you he was eighty two specific soul soul when I came to Pittsburgh I needed to go to a team that the the the mindset was running the football because so many times you can go to organization it it it doesn't really fit you stock right and you maybe have a you may be a hall of fame caliber talent it never is realized and he was able to realize my talent by saying you know what I'm going to run your own we want to pound the football will play great defense and we want to win a lot of football games and because of that I became the focus the central focus of the offense right now has success after success of success the hard part though was we weren't able to win a championship early on right and so that was the the the gold the drive in ultimately we we finally got there in in that was just the kind of the cherry on on on the ice on top of the cake for me why are you called about the call plus there's some like debate about it when I was at the university of Notre Dame there was a writer in the student body newspaper that role that I kind of look like the look like a bus right if so the student body attorney which whenever I would run they would say nobody stops the bus ride the Luce yeah in the end what happened when I got it disappeared when I went to the rams because they start start taught me the battering ram when I was in in in LA in the end when I came to Pittsburgh western Pennsylvania is a huge Notre Dame area right so whole hours we were playing a preseason game against Green Bay Packers and one of the former coaches from Notre Dame who was now coaching that at that point coach at Wisconsin he brought his family up to see his brother who was a tidy and on on my team we're in the lobby he sees me he says plus see what in the end that the announcers bill he'll grow in my life legendary my uncle in the lobby heard him say it in in the game the next day bill here go says well you hear the voice neurosis Mister bush and in a modern pope he has a very unique voice he said.

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