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In fact, the one of the 1st 1000 callers today just pay 4 95 for shipping, which is 100% refundable security's going to rush you out a complimentary bottle of green tea cr formula for you to put to the test. You try it you be the judge. Purity knows that once you experience the benefits of green tea, CR, you're not going to want to miss a day of taking it. That's why they're willing to send you a free bottle today. So call right now. Operators are standing by 1 804 997505 again. That's 1 804 997505 Call now 1 804 9975. 05. Okay, Chris talk about some of the headlines just on the green tea that we didn't get to yet. I understand that Dieter's just love green tea because it supports healthy fat metabolism. Is that right? And what does the research say about green tea when it comes to weight management? Well, this is one of the especially wonderful things about Green tea, Pat. We know that green tea has thermo genic properties that is, it has heat generating properties in the body. So it actually Causes your body to burn more calories. So when you eat a meal, you're going to burn more calories from that meal as a result of taking a good well made concentrated green tea extract. In addition, it has specific fat oxidation properties. It actually burns fat. I'm not suggesting that you're going to lose £20 in a week. But I am saying that this is going to help your body to metabolize fat more efficiently over time, taking a green tea extract and help you to have a better fat to lean muscle ratio. So from a weight control standpoint. This is very good news..

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