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They Porgy George porty my bad. The Andre Gary, Wayne what's going on way? Wait until what's going on everybody. Michael, jordan. What what up boxes shepper what's going on? Russell Joe hayme. What's going on a D? What's going on everybody out there and to be man what's going on? But yeah, man. Let's go ahead. And let's go ahead and get down to it. So this all originated. After the water theory fight Andre ward came out in a Cessna things that a lot of people have problems with. I'm doing note that barbershop conversations had a interview with war where he kind of kind of dress everything that was being said, so well, let's go ahead in a in a in a get to the tweet the tweet that war put up. I do apologize about to get tomorrow the computer, but I have the tweet on the on the main mainstream I under- award. Now. This was December second day at the the way out of very draw. Wards don't think a rematch whatever happen. Wow. There probably won't want to go through that again. We'll take the draw and move on very doesn't really have to what s commission point. So with that. I'm a I'm a break down even a draw where they win for him last night the way he performed three jobs at Wembley in the summer. Sports. Senate Twitter run it back, but war respond to two sports going to what that tweet. Now. This is there. He says he doesn't make a rematch happened. I no problem cool with it. This your opinion while they're probably one wants to go through that again damn that right there as I will problem and were a lot of people had a problem with it's not about a China. Let me get to that. I'm a big Andre war fan. I think under award was incredible fighter had a great career one. That's six because they'll twice moved up from one sixty eight where he unified the division move up to one seventy five where unified again ward that first ballot hall of Famer, and he will go down as one of the very best quarterbacks. But with that being said, nobody's is from from criticism. So wow, do probably want want to go through that again. Right there. You're you're you're judge a man's won't to a man desire in a man's heart. Mo- maybe not so much as what maybe maybe maybe his are real because you're saying that he doesn't want to go through that again. Meaning he doesn't wanna go through that kind of fight again. Meaning that fury style may be a little bit too much for wilder. Meaning that the way for you bucks. Water doesn't have a answer for that. Now, he goes onto say will take the draw and move on like a champion can't accept a drawl or champion can't accept attire or championship. Everybody saying that a man we thank you ought to or a man a ferry outclass you or any of that a real champion here. Here's these kind of things most to run it back the embezzle xactly what? Wow. The wants to do. And then he goes on to say and really real quick Andre war. People could have said the same thing about you. When you faced Sergei Kovalev after the first light therm say cover there. Some say it could have been a draw some say, you warm, but just by a hair, and I personally I agree with the decision. I think you've got up the campus and did enough to to come back and win that fight. But with them being saying people reporters all came out and said, I don't think war would take them a a rematch. I don't think board we're running back. I know I know you story because you came out at the press covers, and you said, I ready went around with his man already went to around with the man. Why would I be scared to run it back? Why would I be scared to get back in the rain with this guy after I've already went to around with them? It makes no sense. These are your words..

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