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What do you think most businesses are going to do unless they can band together unless they grow a fucking spine less of how we libertarians can get in their wedge it yourselves in their work as a buffer to stop this taking place to stop it from seeding into everybody's collective psyche funny about this too. We're talking about forcing people not only get this passport. Which again is going to create a type of two tiered system society because you will literally have. It's going to be like you know what's the old time machine. The the mogster. Whatever they live underground. I can't remember the name of them. It gives but whatever neither here nor there but you're going to create a two tiered society because you're to have the people that simply want to get the vaccine any way they want to go along going to go. And they'll take anything these fucking imbeciles that have gone along with this shit. The entire time to say morons that drive with the mask on in their car. The same people that wear masks when they're walking their dog outside and cross the street even though you're out in the windy open air at the beach. They put a mask on swim next in the ocean. You're going to have these people that go along with them and you're gonna have people that don't want to inject a experimental you know this is an rn. A vaccine an experimental vaccine into their body. Which has been rushed through testing. Then even that they might not even no matter how many times it's tested. Nobody should be forced to take a vaccine into their body in order to go about the simple tasks that go wrong with their daily life and have already heard of people. My wife's friend. Her father got fired by a company. He was an engineer. He got fired because he refused to take the vaccine. He's currently trying to get a lawyer to take his case. What is clearly wrongful termination. No lord we'll touch it because the public relations nightmare. They don't want to be in local media as defending this man who dared to reject the vaccine. But i was think about this. You're talking about forcing people to take somebody into something into the body at no. You're nowhere else in history. Can you say that this has been something that has been forced in order to to live your daily life to restrict your fucking travel and maybe thinking you know that whole thing my body. My choice saw her credit a flipping through twitter. What kind of inspired this rent. How can i find her name. I can't remember well. Some chick on twitter scrolling through us but it is interesting that left they say my body my choice right and we're replies to abortion and i took it one step farther where she's saying it's my my choice but this doesn't apply to vaccines. Yeah interesting it applies with you can basically your body your choice right. You can with one hundred percent certainty murder in unborn child and mind you. I'm not for restricting all abortions i am for abortions up to a certain point. That's that's where i fall in the spectrum of of abortion but in the leftist mindset. They wanna give you the ability to murder a child up until after the child is born. Certain circumstances like in new york state like in virginia governor ralph black-faced northam basically had had given his full permission to have a bill wherein if a child is born after a missed abortion right now. The abortion didn't work then they still kill so with nearly one hundred percents certainty. You will kill a child and that's your body your choice right because that's in your body. You have that option. That's your choice. But god forbid you opt not to take a vaccine into your body. You're listening to heartland newsfeed radio. Our live twenty four seven at heartland newsfeed dot com. This stream is supported by advertisers and contributions by follow us on facebook twitter and instagram's public do service. Doing newscasts able i. I'm mike clifford. That's no joke tara. Florida foam workers rights groups. Say it's urgent. That former workers be deemed essential and governor rod to santa's covid nineteen vaccine. Roll up plan. The groups put their views in a letter. To the governor. In january calling four better healthcare for farmworkers and asking that all incoming temporary non immigrant workers arrived vaccinated or vaccinated. I in the us. Mariana blanco with the guatemalan. Maya center says they also want to see an expansion of cove nineteen testing sites since many are inaccessible to these workers. If the health department would provide us the vaccines and a mobile clinic we'd be able to have volunteers and registered nurses that we already have contact with and we'd have all the translators and we'd just go directly to the field and vaccinate. The farmworkers lanka says those in opposition. Assume farm workers won't want to be vaccinated or that doses couldn't be kept cold enough in mobile settings according to the guatemalan maya center. Six hundred farmworkers and families regularly tested for covid nineteen one night a week. Had a thirty percent infection rate calif savage reporting prosecutors wednesday showed footage from minneapolis. Police officer derek. Chauvin body camera publicly for the first time. That is a third day of testimony and show wtn's murder. Trial brought more anguish witnesses. Who said they wished they could have saved. George floyd that for the washington post. The post reports early wednesday teenage store clerk testified that this could have been avoided if he had not taken a counterfeit twenty dollar bill from floyd. Also a neighborhood resident started sobbing while rewatching floyd's cries for. His mother told the court. I feel helpless. I understand him. Parts of a bill embroiled in what could be the largest bribery scandal in ohio. History soon will be repealed some groups. Say the job's not yet finished. Ohio energy customers were footing the bill for millions of dollars in subsidies for the states to nuclear power plants under twenty thousand nine hundred house. Bill six not long after the passage the bill was linked with bribery. investigation involving public officials. Now governor mike dewine soon we'll sign how spill one twenty eight removing the subsidy and lower utility rates jason smith with aarp ohio contends. There's more work to do. House feel six also included a new costly legacy wider for the ohio valley electric company to support asian coal plants including indiana. That doesn't even benefit. ohio consumers. Just is really unfair. Policies senator one seventeen which had its first committee. Hearing yesterday would stop those subsidies and refund ratepayers. Some opponents claim repeal could hurt job creation or economic development but supporters say the subsidy benefits the utility. 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