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Two ooh yeah did do yes yes he is this luke is said alexia car that his days each when several 43 my veleta the morning a couple of days ago colin bell son texted me and he sent me as head song it's hard to find you and he said the song is really good for ryan was like opened up over the summer listen to it so ryan and i listen to a together these lyrics are so us like the it's just like this love song i have some hilarious uh so what did he says that the song is good for reiner right thinking he met leg it's good for ryan like the words are what he would say to me okay the lyrics are all runaway with your footsteps it's a build a city that dreams for two and if you lose yourself i will find do my nineyearold son sent a thought of brian when he heard it in that that would be a good song for you believe that i couldn't believe it that kid uses something else florida hampered men that can lead overseas paul and privately like a column thinking about running away don't tell anybody that are running away no it's not about running away oh runaway with your footsteps i'll build a city that dreams for to see i'm running away okay bright right and what's rest and if you lose yourself i will find deal here that's nice he's got like you know ryan here's your footsteps as ocean current a terminals for me i thought it was so sweet here we go this is 1100 dollars eight six six five four four my of anwar said noise eight six six five four four six nine three six here is your noise the footsteps of ryan running away eleven two hundred dollars to have one more time producer your 2016 brightest burden in this room there it is eight six six five were for my.

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