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Joan rivers is the only i can ask me every freaking time she's on the show shia so maximum bridge sleaze cost me about helen keller i want a bridge c seventeen that who is who's been your favorite contestant adver on dancing with the stars well clearly it's gotta be the one that was because you guys one together you know that's an easy one but i think i've been i've been lucky i i haven't mazing people you've had great partners can i ask you please walk in they just couldn't dance yes lots what do you do with them you pray no i mean people walk in i look at them and go why did you do this right to yourself and get me who was the one that you were on the shortest amount of time when the niece riches deniro really yeah i would think choke i felt bad i would think too yeah one of the is it true that if you're a good dance you good bid is that usually follow your skin by me also in general isn't that like certain things they say about a man big nose on through by the way good thank god but the dancers are veteran i think you know has to do with with the hip action and the rhythm and coordination yes very good.

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