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The two chains in california been shuttered since march twenty. Twenty this was not the outcome would wanted but despite a huge effort that exhausted all potential options. The company's not have a viable way forward. A statement read arclight cinemas and pacific theaters also operated venues in boston chicago maryland and the washington. Dc metro area. They are not the only business casualties of the strict pandemic in baltimore maryland. Idb's table announced last month. That was shutting down for good strike striking. Another pandemic or a blow for the city's downtown. Is the baltimore sun. Put it it comes after the home decor store home decor store trough announced. It would shutter all after fourteen years in business in washington. Dc an estimated three hundred seventy five businesses have shuttered since march of twenty twenty illinois has lost more than five hundred thousand jobs since the beginning of twenty twenty. According to the church kogyo tribune of which nearly forty three percent were jobs in the leisured hospitality sector in the world of retail at least thirteen major businesses including brooks brothers guitar center. Jc penney marcus and pure one have followed into bankruptcy each citing the pandemic as the catalyst for their chapter eleven filings killing these businesses means harming downtowns and main streets. These are the very predictable. Side effects of the non medical interventions. The state and local governments have imposed then. The federal government has recommended. At what point can we just let americans be responsible for their own actions. At what point can we say. The the burden of risk is on the unvaccinated. At what point can we say you've got to decide. There was a time. Let's let's let's put this in perspective. There was a time in this country where there was a lot of about this virus and it wrist overwhelming hospitals in in some areas of the country overwhelmed hospitals. There are parts of this country that have done better than others. You would not know this from a lot of the media coverage the media coverage for example of brian Georgia relentlessly negative. Would he was the first governor to reopen his state and yet his state has outperformed every other state economically including florida were robbed. This was the second governor to reopen his state and and his lockdown was barely a minimum lockdown and yet the media coverage of him as well was relentless upbeat and positive about andrew. Cuomo who has wrecked new york's economy or gavin newsom. Who's wrecked is or gretchen. Whitmer who's wrecked hers. Schools in blue parts of the country continued to be close. I don't know if any of y'all saw it went viral social media this weekend. The bill maher monologue from his real time show on. Hbo on friday night pointing out that overwhelmingly. The transmission of the virus among kids is is small and yet blue states are scared to death to reopen and therefore spirits to stay home with their kids putting them bind red state america at this point. The federal government's messaging on the virus and the vaccine is terrible at this point. The government needs an intervention. At.

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