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I can't see fight specie okay. I'M GONNA GET DOWN IN MIAMI. I am I also for you. My Buddy's girlfriend lives is with the university and she's extremely lazy doesn't pay she doesn't live with us but she comes over every day and seats over doesn't do anything doesn't pay for anything US I think even she steals my food. I don't look like in play. She she's over when my buddy. Her boyfriend isn't home. I lost it. I was like what the fuck you doing here. She just a complete inconvenience my life on saying that. I'm being over exaggeration about like getting too much about this but I think it's just she. She comes over every night. It takes about seat on the coast in pay for the coach we did we have. TV's trespass on our days autumn. She's awesome Semaine time. I didn't know what to do. I'm talking to my buddy but let it. I have my own ridiculous so also heard despising this girl more than anyone New York anyway first of all love that Canadian accent. Yeah I I listen to this bill I are you doing what show he's talking about. I've never heard it called Ottoman. That's much more boring than engraved gray on an Ataman but the I think this is totally like I mean. Yeah you kind of being an asshole but like no. You're not it's like if it ended just like she's eating your food. Whatever that's like fuck you if you're I always think if you are worried about the your food urinate cheap it just by food? Someone might eat some. They'll buy fucking jar of peanut butter. It's not gonNA break the bank. Who cares it and I look? I'm not gonNA eat all so. I don't think you can get mad about sitting on the couch couch. I paid for like taking your see every day. But like you can't be like there is there is like a very necessary surrey relief it's not an actual side but it's it's almost like you know if you'll say like your attention in your shoulders and you feel it. I didn't even realize it. But that's Dasell you feel every day when you walk into your apartment and if there's someone there who is does not belong to tell you it's GonNa keep tidy and I am a firm. Believer are the significant. The significant the the significant other should not be there without the boyfriend and girlfriend. Like maybe an pinch or something like that. Do one time I was living with four guys. Three three bedrooms I was a big apartment is great parliament. My buddy had his girlfriend basically just moving doing this. She brought a cat and then my other buddy. His girlfriend was moving and was like a week in between her leases this and so she needed to stay so we have like four people two girls and a fucking cat and like and the one guy girlfriend we loved and it was like. She's in a jam she. Here's a place to stay fine. It was the other guy that was like what the fuck is your girl doing here. Now in her defense she used to like hide like she wouldn't sit on the couch and Shit so she was aware that she was being an inconvenience. We had one bathroom so sometimes she'd be in there. But we gotTA fucking go to work like let's go and there's just nothing worse than being like Yo. I know that you're blinded by love right now but this fucking prom. You have to notice the fact that you're gonNA give you have to see your to see that tension other people right can't be hearing. Yes there's always so many things that are just if there's nothing it's just it's honestly I mean it's just you being alive Yup. You're not just your press. It's it's you're not doing anything you're not being annoying. I A yell you're watching. TV You're breathing. You can't have someone here I need. I'll I'll do that with my roommates. I I'll be in my room alone. My Adore shot at someone coming son of knowing you're not alone you're not alone is a very awful feeling. You sign up for roommates so you know like at times times. I'm not going to be alone because these people who pay contribute and we agreed to are going to be here but when there's a third or fourth member or whatever it is who shouldn't be there and you and your buddies like well whatever because we're gonNA fuck later and it's like well I'm not gonNA I don't love you I'm not fucking you. We're not hanging out your house bothering me. I don't get any of the good I get all the bad. It's it's the worse thing and so you're not yes all the true asshole. Is the boyfriend here because the girlfriend is probably although she seems like an asshole to like by just flaunting. The girl who was in my situation who was like hiding I think she was kind of a situation to it was like all right. I'm trying my best to just like stay out of it. It's on the boyfriend to step up and be like all right. I know this is a problem guys. Hey Babe you can't do order I. It shouldn't even be but you know you're right. There's really no reason beer. I've a TV at home when you're here and you gotta know I guess like the ages of people at this is like right out out of college or like it's different if you're like thirty five versus twenty. They are different times. Where where this is a little more acceptable than others? But in general the rules dude. I've I've done this the importance of being alone. It cannot be stressed. I think it's up there with oxygen and water just just the time alone. I had at one time I was as I was at a girlfriend's house and she had a roommate and I was just sitting on the couch and the roommate wasn't there. Her roommate worked together so none of them were over. Ed She texted me. Hey my roommate's boyfriend is coming home you know. He's coming over to wait for her. Like just want to give you a heads up and I went and sat in the closet. It was like I did I I could hear him watching. TV and literally him. I didn't want to turn the TV on in her room room. I didn't want him to know they're going to have the conversation. So no corporate closet like a walk in closets. I just sat there my phone but it was like I didn't want because I was I was in full blown. I'm alone time. It's someone else apartment. I was fine to go hide in the closet but if it was my department I'd probably do the same and I wish he didn't have to. I didn't hear it in your own environment I need to I. Can't you want oversight. Get hard walking home on like to work from work. I'm about to be alone. Yeah minute is going to be on a quiet when that's when you get into you know a bad relationship Asian ship bad marriage where you're living with someone it's bad and it's like your home now becomes like you're you're scary place. You're tense place. You know what I mean I it. Is You have to have that alone time. It's guys hide in the bathroom. The one place that guys can still like. I don't think I'm going to take like an hour long shower as you ain't gonNA bust in the door here everywhere else. Just like someone's going to bother me I it's crazy and it's just an accepted thing for so long. My Mom always says about my dad. He wouldn't live with us we didn't have to because it's just CD's seizing. If he wasn't legally obligated to live with us he wouldn't. Because that's why I preach separate dinners. I've gone as far as the pre separate bedroom. He doesn't have to happen happen every night but there are selling. It should be accepted. I need to be alone tonight right. I just have to be. I'm moving to a hotel. Fuck anyone go tell. Yeah I need nothing against you. It's just human nature. I can't be with anyone anymore. My shoulders tight for six weeks next up. KFC fights super producer. PC possibly big cat. If it's a classic had a question for you I just go to my favorite deli sort of my favorite sandwich. You know once a week I go there and whatever and I have to cross my fingers that I don't get certain employees because she always Fox my sandwich in which today for lunch Lo and behold yes she has takes water. I made sure I give it nice and clear. She does find the counter shears like struggling a little like thinking looking around like okay here we go again and I wouldn't care if it's like I order provolone and she gives me American cheese or something dumb whatever but if she you start putting tuna salad or something like chasing cutlet sandwich like why am I allowed to defend myself yet is that is bang or do I just have to take my sandwich sandwich and walk out the door like the Lynch. AM also discontentment restaurant and order a rare steak and it comes back like well. Don't Mike a Hockey puck and I'm not one to ever send anything back but is there a line in this world where I'm allowed to start defending myself. Thanks guys. Here's I mean you know what me John I'm going to say I mean you you can definitely defend yourself. You're well within your rights. Defend yourself right away. The line is when someone screws up what they're supposed to be that's the actual life. No no that's the literal line. The actual line is like she has to be like causing the harm. Harm say any. I don't issue putting broken glass on it. Yeah I mean if it's dangerous to me may maybe I'll probably watch her. Put the broken glass. John pay her smile. Take garbage another Deli. I will never return something on for cooking. Dude I have maybe sometime. Maybe even super super undercooked and it's as as much just like just pop it back in but if it's overcooked and it means like they gotta make a new one or something then definitely not I do it sometimes downstairs the pop. Elliot's where they they they get your sandwich out. And they're not very good dancers on and often you eat there but not often and they're very incredibly slow. I'll walk in. I mean just be me and I'll stand there for ten minutes to Colt Sam Cook. It gets hot oh it is and I will say. Can I have a tuna tuna sandwich. Police and the woman who say absolutely. I'd love to get that for you. And she starts cotton open and we're looking at each other and thank you so much man. I'm overly polite and she. It just takes a heap and a handful of chicken POPs in that puts on the conveyor belt very slow. I have ample time to say that's chicken not to I. Don't I just walk down to the end of it and I get. I have a chicken slow cooked perfect. That's exactly what I want to thank you so much and that's Eh and you walk out. That's the way I mean. That's just the way I if I don't know if he really clarified what she does. Exactly right right but a ah the food you eat just eat it. You're alerted to fucking like go to another place where there's more competent people you know what I mean like when you're ever craving something if I'm craving slice of pizza and if I walked by a cheeseburger off perfect you're like a puppy dog. Go all right. Yeah that'll work. It's like what are you in the mood for Chinese pizza. Okay I mean who really cares..

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