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Nieta Zach. G wants to know how hard was it to get Arianna Guerande out of her ponytail for the cover of Al really no game game. She loves L. And we love our Lawrence g went off. There was a contestant this season that you both were surprised. Went as far as they did. No No Nina Mary C. Wants to know besides Christian Serena who do you think are the most talented alumni from project runway? Well I think Sebastian Gray from last season he was grades. And how do you keep in touch at all? Actually he's just designed a dress for that new movie called one Milan Milan fashion to suggest he had a he. He showed passion week. If you guys to go see him now launch and closer beautiful that's great. Let's go to Olivia from California. Hail Livia what's your question. Hi Andy so brandon. Since you're so close to Lady Gaga what do you think of her cramp we find him? What's her name sorry her name. Olivia Olivia you know. What if any of my friends are happy? I'm happy for them. I think in general. Don't talk about my friends relationships. I'm always happy to see everybody in love and she is living life. That's Nice Nicole view wants to know Nina. How did the crown crowd go at the show when Jaylo came out wearing the green drag? That was an incredible moment. Channel SURPRI taught surprise. Nobody knew it. They kept it so on the low down and when she came out with donatella these two incredible icons the went crazy. And that's a very hard Crou- yes absolutely. Everyone's jaded crowd. You need to have like a circus. Happy Interested and there's not not of that it was just these two incredible women walking together Normally I would give my Moslo today. But I'm joined by two fashion Maven. Who always have an opinion up their sleeves. I would love to hear the trends that get their muzzle jackal instead so brandon. What is Your Mazal? Okay my Masel. Is the return to classics coming back. Neutrals classic suiting staple pieces. You're welcome our rights. Okay what is Your Jack Hall? Oh my God my jackal is those nineties ten drills have you seen it there this hairpieces have you seen. I you really and I really want. We will not be seeing these L. No we will not certainly real and these are happening right now. Oh No I don't like that either handled by the way I wanNA take brandon for bringing.

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