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Talk to three yes so many weapons and they can hurt you number different way one team six great broadcast last night for turner marv albert along with reggie miller and chris webber and marv albert calling in from houston texas in advance of tomorrow's huge game to here on the rich eisen show you can catch that game obviously on turner how are you mark production value that you have supplied here yes i just wanna just do next level material marv to raise my game but we did just for our television audience on i don't know if you heard 'cause you're kind of call in on time and on early on i was late because i was chitchatting with brent musburger about the whole sports gambling stuff that we just played some of the old albert achievement awards from the dave letterman days i did hear it yes you know i missed a so much being on the i do catch the net flicks show which is terrific the one on one interviews but even though there are a lot of good people out i just miss his brand of humor and the way he you know handles the the culture and the political situation in general did you ever do that with johnny carson before dave one carson show which was one of the great throes of my of my life and he was tremendous you know.

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