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And that's what's can be so disappointing about it. I don't think it was just the WNBA. All of women's sports. Even if you've never watched you feel like it's an easy thing to criticize it. So you do I've used this example for myself before like, I don't love sitting down and watching Premier League soccer. It's just not my Cup of tea. But I understand that those guys are phenomenal athletes in great at what they do. And I'd be an idiot to criticize it. So I don't know why I don't know. Why so many people find it easy to criticize women's sports when they've never watched it, especially, you know, in in Steve's case, it was really disappointing that it was a person who was smart, and and should have been better. And ultimately is better. And then you know, kinda Arab is ways. But I think that's the thing that women's sports tends to run up against even now. Yeah. So let's talk about basketball love story because this is a good transition, right? Into one of the clips that's in the movie, and it's it's am silver talking about how they aired in. The way they presented it and marketed it when it came out, and there's this incredible clip of Diana Teresi, full face of makeup, silky halter top in a photo shoot where they're having your sort of brush her hands through her hair like pinup, and it's so jarring because I don't remember that. And I never saw it. And I only know Terada she is now, and she talks about how it just felt like she was whoring herself out and that she didn't need to do that. And it wasn't natural. This part of the twenty hour piece is going to be a part of October thirty s next week's airing and talk a little bit about that because you were part of that inaugural group. And what was it about the way they tried to market it that just felt so off to a lot of the players. Well, I think you know, it wasn't even initially. I think the first year might have been okay. You know, it was the whole week next campaign, and they really show some of the women off the court looking how they normally do and some women do, you know, get all dolled up and have their makeup and hair done, and whatever. And then they, but they would balance it would on the court, but it was a few years after that..

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