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Mountains. Where people live. He'll people help people heal. Billy's we call mountain williams hill. Billy williams i gotcha a class. God bless him. Yeah yeah doing their own thing. They're not wearing shoes. Were living the simple life blowing on jugs jaitley not not being making moonshine wiping wiping your boat with whatever you find more. Can you wanna to life. That's not much live ended up. They're having a blast salted the earth. They got one tooth and they're using it. Use a can opener because they don't have one. They're all cans woods that anyway. It's nineteen fifty seven and We got this guy. His wife and their young son in tiny cabin book. Laura ingalls still out of it but some dude comes up. And he's banging. It's a dick warlock. Dick warlock is like. Let me let me. They're like get the fuck away dick warlock. Yeah fuck off. I will shoot you if you try to bust in here. Something's after you and that's between you and that's something yeah can't come in so the young boy. Whose name is ed. He looks out through the window and he sees often the distance that a creature has grabbed. This you got fucking zena morph dude exactly exactly when we get to it a little bit more. We'll talk about that but you're exactly correct so it grabs him and chokes out fucking know what what what what does that. Lifts them up breaks his neck. Like movie. movie doesn't say it. Sounds very michael myers probably is anyway cut to present day which is one thousand hundred eight. Yep ed harley he's all grown up lance henriksen now lance henriksen. Everybody knows lance henriksen. I don't think i have to explain that. He was Bishop bishop thank you and aliens aliens and subsequent movies after that actually yeah. He makes appearances as bishop but he was also in a heater. Tv show it was not a spin off of x. files but it was like. Oh yeah isn't coming lenny. Yeah something like that. Yeah yeah yeah he was about that. Yeah i think. Chris carter like had something to do with created that or something. But he's an older man now is widowed. Got a kid named billy billy and a dog in a dog named gypsy gypsy. Not nude dog. Get some calls on them balls..

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