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Losing the first two they won four straight. Yeah look pretty good from milwaukee. Now can they repeat. this is probably one of the. I don't look at milwaukee. And say they can repeat it's way too early obviously. There's so many moves that has to happen is off season. We got see how the east really puts everything together. People can say. Oh we'll the brooklyn nets weren't fully healthy. They had it doesn't matter jaanus. Didn't go and join superstar. Teams like damian lillard for portland. He his whole time said he didn't he didn't want to try and be one of those guys. All mitch's join us superstar team just so i can go get a championship. And he didn't want to be one of those guys. And i respect that. I like watching damian. Lillard played. youngest didn't do that. He could have he could have just said. I don't want wanna stay milwaukee anymore. I'm going to go somewhere else. And what was awesome. What you saw was the emotions you saw not saying that it doesn't mean anything to any other players like. I'm sure if chris paul would won then we all could have seen them motions on chris paul's face because he's been planning game a lot longer than janas has been playing so i i'm sure either team would have been emotional but was just cool to see janas. A guy who he does get criticized a lot he does. He's not obviously a very good perimeter shooter but he just gets criticized endeavor. Whenever has bad night he. Chris is a lot this game. Six made sure that he had the performance to make sure there will be a game seven he had the mentality saying we win or lose by me now. Look look into the phoenix suns. Really quick i can. We talk about chris. Paul and top five of point guards all time please. People were just oh. Will this win. put them in. The top. five team made the files is now top five just stop. He's not a top five all time point guard quite a few names out there that you can put in there. He's not top five all time. He's good. He top ten. But say chris paul top five all time point guard what.

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