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But I think he's had some issues to they haven't used Alvin cook enough not like her cousins played well, but Kirk cousins also missed guys wide open like feeling in the end zone a couple of times. Yeah. In minnesota. Don't forget about this play guys down six to nothing with less than six minutes left in the game on fourth and nine. They kicked a field goal to cut it to three kick was blocked game was over right there. He got to go for that one day. They correctly went for it down inside. I think inside the five yard line on the previous possession. Did not get the touchdown. They should have gone forward. Again, they kick a field goal game over. Well. They also got a penalty that wasn't called. I mean, it was called the flyers picked up. I don't understand what happens that should have been fifteen yet. I can't disagree with that. I'm very I just disagree with the field goal. I disagree with the field goal. But I agree with you on that. Yeah. I'm indifferent. On the field goal there. If it were if it were seven because they'd still need to touch that outfield and Ozzy go for it. But because it was six, and it's not like Seattle's defending remember there hasn't been a touchdown to that point. Seattle's defense hadn't offense hadn't done much in terms of the second half. Obviously, they moved the ball in the first half in at some weird things happen. I don't know four thousand nine I'm in that sort of no man's land. Right there Seattle playing very well right now. And if they win on Sunday, they do clinch a playoff berth very likely that they're going to be the number five seed the NFC playoffs potentially a first round match up with the Dallas Cowboys. Ooh. Ooh. Cowboys would get home-field though. Yeah. It'd be in Dallas as the Dallas is the NFC east winter. Okay. So let's look ahead to this week. We have a expanded schedule.

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