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Now at O'Hare fifty degrees. Midway reporting forty nine degrees, forty nine in Frankfurt and fifty at Chicago's lakefront. I'm Steve Bertrand in the WGN radio newsroom. These are the stories that matter on seven hundred twenty WGN. Was it? Good Super Bowl. Halftime show. Yeah. Yeah. Right. Didn't they do it? I think I think they did. Yeah. Still after twenty Steiner Dennis Ryan joins us right now. I always say at guru. And I hope that you you take that as a compliment. Yes. Housing creative consultant founder of many things. He's on the Twitter. If people wanna get you on the Twitter sporadically, I am. All right. Here's a quick question before we go into yesterday's at it used to be that they would debut the night of the Super Bowl, and that was very exciting. But now you can see them a week in advance most if not all of them why the change up what happened. It's just it's just budget. You know, when you're spending over five million dollars for thirty seconds. That's an awfully big thing. And if you have anything themed about football season's over game. So they have to amortize they have to break it down. And particularly if they're bringing celebrities, and I think I saw over two dozen versions of the NFL spot. Here's a lift here's a lift. Here's lefty recognize these people recognize him. And so it's just a way to build intriguing interest. And frankly, amortize the cost is it working. I would definitely does it. Definitely works. Yeah. How much does an ad go for like a base about sixty seconds or thirty seconds. It's thirty seconds. And what's interesting is they say five point three million. So if you wanna do Wendy Snyder thirty that's what it would cost. You now free Anheuser Busch who buys multiple spots during the game. They they do give them a discount and Coca Cola something new this year advertisements right before kickoff. Not during the game. Correct. Yes move. I think that's a brilliant move. It really is. I mean, Pepsi almost it might officially block them out of the broadcast. But all the everything's about anticipation with the Super Bowl once. It's actually there. You're like. Oh, yeah. Two teams. Yeah. Okay. Incredibly uneventful games. But the build up for it is is all the hype is so I think that's always a really intelligent by. There's a company called per silver a cleaning company, they had a fifteen second spot, which was actually a pretty good spot, very JAMES BOND. Ian spot right? But fifteen seconds you rarely if ever seen the Super Bowl how they pull that off. That's a really good question. I I was kinda surprised by that too. And they've been running that campaign for very long time as a European campaign, and you're exaggerate. It's a JAMES BOND takeoff. But a fifteen is that three million dollars because it's not exactly half still a premium. So I was I was surprised to see that by because with this being such a destination kind of platform for advertisers to cheapen it down to fifteen seems like you could be opening up the floodgates. Yes. Just a whole bunch of. That's a quality. Thanks. What was the biggest overlying thing that you saw a lot of yesterday. Was there something that really jumped out? I saw three things I saw classic Super Bowl ads. Like, you know, certainly the Alexa breakdown. Yeah. The Mercedes Benz voice activated thing and Audi with the kinder throwback to gladiator. And then there were the emotionally resonant ads. You know, there was a net. Verizon about the first that was awesome because it was so authentic. You could tell the guy was choked up. It shocked me that it was for Verizon like as I was watching it. I'm like, oh my God. This is so touching. And I'm starting to think what's this four is it to celebrate first responders, and I was kind of shocked when the Verizon logo kicked on. Well, if you look there is a super underneath it, it talks about they have done specific things to their network for clarity. So and they've been actually peddling that message for a while. So it was a little more legitimate or reach than some others. I thought Microsoft's adapted gaming thing was great house, really guy. Father choked up right there with him. I thought that was great. You know, the Google translate the idea that they got all that data that says the three most research translate phrases are thank you. How are you? And I love you. And that's that that gives you back in humanity. Yeah. So I thought that was the thing they're so sensitive. I'm just gonna quietly weep. The third one was kind of like, okay, let's make fun of creepy. Robots that there were a lot of robot. May I? Was that couldn't do what humans could do an upset the robot? Yeah. It was. Yeah. It was funny. Then you've been saying for years that what Madison Avenue needs to do is jump on Andy Warhol, we always laugh at you. But last night they did that. It's very strange what what's really strange so forty five seconds of it's from one thousand nine hundred eighty two art film. And what's interesting is at the time. He said, and I thought this was actually an interesting artistic point of view. The basically, I see the hamburger the Big Mac that the Walker that a billionaire eats in that a peasant eat says the exact same taste, and that was his kind of his point about the great, you know, kind of democratizing effectiveness products. But you know, you don't get that other spot. It was just like, wow. This is a really long road to a very small house puts catch up on his lap. Right. I like to that though. So is Burger King's message in there or actually the better way to phrase. This is what exactly is their message. Because what I got out of it is you can eat whatever way you choose. If you enjoy a Burger King you're going to enjoy it is that kind of message. That's the that's the message. We all walk away with what it really did is to win. He's pointing stop time. And you watched this guy, oddly, you know. No. Yeah. You're watching this Walker and waiting for something to happen. Nothing does. And then you gotta hashtag because you know, that's required by the FCC now. Hashtag at the end of spot. And it just made you pay attention. Yeah. No, it just take eat Andy's way or something like that. Which was vaguely creepy. But yeah, how many households in America or around the world had to explain to young children? Who that man was? That's exactly it. But you know, what that's not who were. It's not a kids forum. Yeah. It really is the classic mass merchandising mask on interesting, dude. So whether or not you was I'm sure kids were like who's this guy? Yeah. Well, and it was oddly compelling. It's just an absolute zig zagging only one added made me laugh out loud. And that was the Jason Bateman ad that was the one that made me laugh out loud. The best thing is that's a Jason Bateman. Add something about hun Hyundai assurance. Right. The Jason Bateman had which because it's Jason Bateman. Just his smacks. The whole way through until he finds said Hundai going up by that at all which is terrible because he's so good at all. Oh, yeah. It was funny. He's tremendous. So for people who did not see that ad what they were selling was. I mean, it was essentially they were selling Hyundai. But they were also selling things that are not going. Well, and how Hyundai is said going up. Exactly, I mean because the car buying experience. Yes. Misery for all of us. And they but the list of of the litany of things that are worse than car. Buying was actually really wonderful. Apparently it really irritated the vegan community center and the Budweiser ads irritated the corn growing community. Yeah. I can see where that would be. I was thinking of orients Samuelson because you know, a corn syrup is keeping farmers alive. It was interesting to me that Miller lite has it and Coors light has it. They also have the taste in my opinion. I'm not a Bud Light lover. Yup. But that was very effective. I thought it's really interesting. The the corn syrup argument because high fructose corn syrup is such a. Oh, my God is poison for. There's just so much noise around it. But what was I was corn syrup is essentially a sugar and sugar turns to alcohol, so if you add sugar in the brewing process, you shorten the brewing process added it's not gonna taste like corn syrup. If it does it as a modest taste influenced talking cores like Bud Light Miller lite. I don't think anyone sitting right shaving, the taste that closely, but it's just to PC has long process. And what was interesting is. Now, Bud Light. Budweiser Anheuser Busch has irritated. The corn growers ADM cargo not big fans, and I just saw tweeden my friend of mine who works at Miller advertising. It's like, well, we're going to the mattresses because they're just picking a fight really odd. Yeah. Yeah. They did. They took some shots at their competitors. But in your you're the number one beer by decent margins. Lead. That surprises me that it took a long time to pass Miller light. It took him almost leading years because more like I the most. But they've been ahead. Head of them for a couple of almost normally Dennis the person or the group that would take their shadows. Whoever's in second third or fourth Elliot's whoever's in I challenge challenger brand. Exact Dennis Ryan is here. We're talking about yesterday's Super Bowl ads. If you want to jump in three one to nine hundred seventy two hundred twenty WGN, but wait I have an ad for you that you'll remember for a long long time. Sleeping at five star quality. They asked Jason Bateman to say this. 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