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A fire. But it's the experience of a lifetime. The whole hike should take 6 months. Michelle Morello WTO news. Coming up on our top stories, a protest march this afternoon in downtown Washington is calling for a ban on assault weapons. Charges could be announced today against two fairfax county police officers in the shooting of an unarmed black man. Keep it here, full details on these stories in the minutes ahead. 1248. With traffic and weather on the 8s, we start with Mary de pampa in the WTO traffic center. And Mark going to start on the capitol beltway where the inner loop is slowing now out of the Springfield interchange the work crew that we've had easy for you to say. It was mobile, so they were on the right side, watch for those flashing lights. There are slowdowns on 95 in pockets. Not a lot, nothing major, no incidents reported, so we'll move on, continuing on the beltway where we do have the inner loop slow heading north through tysons to get past the dulles toll road exit 45 right lane is closed all the way through Georgetown pike with a four 95 neck work. In Maryland, the crash that was 97 is jammed out of millersville passing one 78 and between one 78 and the Hawkins road overpass, the crash was along the left side, but your traveling should now be open. We had northbound rubbernecking delays. And this job report brought to you by jiffy lube, their surface centers will keep you moving from oil changes, tire rotations, filters, wipers, a full range of services, is a D.C. dot com for the location near you, Mary to pump a WTO P traffic. The latest word on our weather from 7 news first alert meteorologist Mark Pena, we're enjoying a pretty nice afternoon. Yeah, hopefully you are able to enjoy it. And if not, don't worry, we have another similar forecast

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