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Drew eight hundred two two two five to two is our phone number at bottom of the hour. We're gonna talk about less moon vessel, an attorney that does some metoo prosecution and the Lauren we had some news on that front with Julie Chen. In the meantime, Julie Chen is trending right now because she announced that she is going to take some time off from the show the talk following her husband's ouster from CBS. I believe the talk premiered again starting today. And so she said she's gonna take some time off a lot of people are calling her a hypocrite for this. Because while here, I'll just read you some of the tweets going out there. I need Julie Chen to show the same energy that she showed for Harvey, Kevin, Matt etc. All the men had wives too. But she had no problem reporting it she's a coward for not showing up today. So she she reported on those fronts. Did she take on the wives? Well, one of the tweets says back when Bill Cosby was accused of sexual assault. Julie Chen and the rest of those hands on the talk berated, his wife, Camille. And now that the shoe is on the other foot crickets from Julie Chen. So so the question I would have in terms of understanding Julius position is has she known about this guy's behavior for a long time tried to manage it. And look at it as a therapeutic problem that she was willing to because when you when I will just tell you that when there are misadventures like this that for whatever reason, whether it's an interpersonal problem or addiction, whatever the spouse, usually stays in the usually hang it. If somebody is trying to make change they usually give them a chance so like two thirds of the time. So if she's in that sort of situation, I would defend her and she should talk about it. If it's she didn't know. And now she knows well she'd better cop she talked about that too. I mean, look drawn a talk show. And so, you know, is is is long as the news doesn't involve you. You have no problem having a very strong opinion on it and talking about. And I understand how painful it must be. But I do believe that she does. Oh, her audience that to come out and say, listen, I didn't know anything about it or we're trying to work through this. Or he is getting just whatever it is. You know, you kind of do all that. You can't just stay silent. And hope no one asks you about it. I would also argue that he should she should face the music of her peers there on that show and they should pepper her with questions. You know, what I mean, she doesn't have to make a statement. But you yourself to appears would be a comfortable environment for her. Yeah. I it makes me wonder if that show is gonna last les murs best around just interesting question. We'll see eight hundred two two two five to two is the phone number. We're going to get into it with an attorney, Dan Gilliam who has represented me to Clarence. We'll talk about less moon. Message midday live Lawrence doctor. Dr drew midday live on K G O eight ten. Hi, john. Henry with the handlery union square hotel in the heart of San Francisco want to escape the doldrums work and come to San Francisco and try escape SF on Kearney street. It's an easy walk from the Henry you and your friends will get locked up in a prison cell and have to solve clues to escape if Clint can escape from Alcatraz, you can do this. Plus, you don't have to swim out another fund attraction for the family is the clockwise escape room. Just a short Uber ride on market street. They're they'll lock you in Vegas hotel room. And while you're nursing a hangover you have to find your wedding ring age, you're getting married in an hour or the pitching in asylum room where you have to be crazy to get out. If you need to prepare go to a city hall board meeting. They definitely know how to.

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