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The head begi this go to mary's get dinner for eu maybe you and fran that maybe the family i don't know no big your party is but i do now the again a great food and mary and so much to choose from spaghetti with jamie balls panay was sausage tortellini alum mary's classic lasagna raviolis i would say my favorite's with zamiba's than me balls are like the size of the kids ed is anger enormous incredible and it's tasty my wife loves the tori lee allow mary's that the kids go pizza so you go pizza in many different ways you can go obviously with the pizza about try and todos combo or the wind dwell both fantastic pizzas an kigoda america that enjoying the salad or breads ex uh excuse me at salad and bread sticks in one of the other both of the salads a phenomenal the bread sticks are incredible and if you feel like going to mary's three to six happy hour they got great beer in other north bay mean key kidding me the beer they have up there i don't know exactly what they have a mary guaranteed to be good stuff of a good beer they have up there governed by a beer watched the game three to six specials weekdays you're are good to go so again it's friday why cook had to mary's grab yourself a fantastic incredible comfort food made from scratch that.

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