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But now comes time for practical application. You've got all the cars on the racetrack. Now, when you put all of them out there with all of this put together, how will it come to be? What kind of race will we get? What kind of product will we get? We're going to have to wait and see. I'll give them an a for effort all the way from redesigning the track. And I say redesigning with the progressive banking to moving it tonight to doing all the other adjustments they've done as well. Well, wait and see. I'm hoping for the best. Let's head to Josh and Nebraska who wants to talk about the Bristol dirt race and he has the question that I want to ask. So Josh, go ahead, you're on with Mike Bagley. Yeah, hey, Mike. Well, my personal comments about this holder. Well, I'm pretty excited for the whole event. I'm really excited to see what the next gen car can do. I think what NASCAR is going to be doing with these next with last year's race, it's very exciting to see what they are able to do and to learn from the gen 6. I mean, if we look at what the next gen is like, no diffuser on there, I think that helps with a drag issue perhaps. Well, and also with the comments, is it possible that we're being dragged back? I'm not sure. I'm still excited for it. I really am. His question here, bag, man. Well, should Bristol be raced on dirt at all, which I say no. I mean, I think it's one of the best racetracks. Leave it as asphalt. I don't think Bristol should be racist. Let's go race el Dora if you want to race tour. What do you think, bag, man? Well, I think that the fans that said, listen, we don't have any short tracks as it is, and then you took one, you made a dirt. I think that that voice is still there. And I can see that point, I think that if we get a great race, you know, we were about to entertain this topic this morning, we may do it tomorrow. You know, when you sit there and you watch a race for 400 laps, right? And you sit there through 390 of it. And it's one thing. And then you get this massive run at the end and this chaos breaks out and all heck breaks loose in the final ten. A lot of fans forget what happened.

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