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Week after steven portnoy cbs news the white house the president is hearing criticism from both sides of the aisle on capitol hill republican house speaker paul ryan tweets we must be clear white supremacy is repulsive there can be no moral ambiguity democratic senator ed markey tweet it's a sad day in american history when the president of the united states as defence white supremacists earlier this morning i spoke with hour wbz virtual political roundtable democrat maryam marsh m republican gene heart again first marianne america is finally starting to turn their back on donald trump the world is starting to turn their back on donald trump and republicans are starting to turn they're back on donald trump as they should donald trump in the latest outrage of donald trump racist bigoted behavior started when robert muller who interviewed the white house staff about the russia investigation this is going to get only word e e make comments when he should be uh enjoying the fact that he came to stared down the north korean leader at the same time after he had put comments forward that clarified what he did not shed a few days before he done steps back up to the microphone and openside controversy again he just doesn't get it when it comes to rise into the role of being a statesman that is republika gene hard again a democrat marianne marsh and coming up we'll take a look ahead to the rally planned in boston this weekend preparing for whatever's going to happen on the common on saturday organizers have received death threats that story is coming up wbz news time seven thirty three traffic and weather together the subaru very retailers of new england allwheel drive traffic.

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